Wednesday, November 7, 2012

dear camden

the thing about you is that you are 13 pounds.
and for a baby that is 6 months, that is pretty small. really small. like 5% range small.
in fact, so small that your new nickname has become "little."
and i quite like it, i must say.

like, "good morning, little!" and "hey little!" and "that's your brother's firetruck, little!"
it suits you just perfectly.

i think you're pretty beautiful, little.


  1. she is such a doll.
    (and I thoroughly enjoyed the appearance of your arm candy and lashes)

  2. Me too. I like her. In any size, but she sure is cute little!

  3. She's adorable no matter her size! There is just something extra fun about tiny babies though. I'm with Kaylee- hers and your lashes are beautiful. I'm jealous, but I'll get over it! ;-)

  4. Camden, you are a little doll and I love you.

  5. Where are her adorable pants from??? She is so perfect. And so petite! Ruth keeps going down in weight percentiles each visit-she moves a little too much to gain any weight (wish I had that problem!).

    LOve, Anna

    1. hey anna! they were a gift! but they are carter's so i'm sure they are anywhere. :)

  6. Dad here!
    There are now two things on this earth that are officially the most beautiful things i have ever seen. Little and one other......

  7. Little is MY nickname from my Dad!He still calls me Little, or L, or Little Bitty, or LB... you get the picture. :) And.. your Little is precious.

  8. little! i love it.
    and scott's comment up there is too sweet :) i think if tim showed up in my comments i would faint. did you faint? lol!

  9. I can't tell you how good this makes me feel . My oldest two were little chunky monkeys. lyla is 8 monthS old and barely 15 lbs ... so tiny. Yeah for tiny babies! ;)

  10. Your Little is absolutely adorable!!!!! I nicknamed my little girl Peque which means little in Spanish cause she too is 5 percentile for weight and 3rd for height. Littles are the best!

  11. katy. i love this. so much sweetness. and these photos are beautiful! xoxo

    ps eg used to be super tiny. then he suddenly beefed up. we started calling him "big e" but it comes out as "biggie" ;)

  12. she is such a little dolly. so precious. my babies were very little like that, too, and still are.


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