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jolly holiday :: christie + a giveaway!!

today my closie, christie, is sharing with us.
you can learn everything you need to know about christie here.
i am so excited about what she is sharing today.
and there is a giveaway at the end!

It's almost that time of year again.
Time for the quietness of fall to burst into the excitement and busyness of the Christmas season.
It seems like every year the Holiday season kicks off earlier and earlier.
In fact, Target has been celebrating Christmas since early October.
I, on the other hand, prefer to enjoy my holidays as they come.
Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in that order.
But while I may be refusing to play Christmas music on Pandora or bring out the 'ol garland and velvet bunting, I am already starting to think about my plans for holiday gift giving.

I love gift giving.
Few things delight me more than to plan and scheme and dream up the perfect gifts for people.
I like to buy things people want.
Things maybe no one else would think of to give them.
And a lot of times my gifts tend to be practical or every day items.
Because what could be more delightful than a gift you use every day?

Several people on my gift giving list this year are teachers and other various school staff.
And sometimes ideas for these gifts can be hard to come up with.
Being a teacher myself for eight years, I've gotten my fair share of holiday gifts.
Some of been good, some have been bad, and some have been downright weird.
But the ones that have meant the most to me are the ones that I could tell were given 
in true appreciation and love.

My students know me.
They know I love sandwiches and coffee.
They know I love colorful pens and fresh pads of lined paper.
They know my son has my heart and travel takes a close second.
And the dearest gifts to me have been those that reflect the fact that they've taken the time to think about me.
These gifts may not have been expensive.
These gifts may not have been lavishly wrapped.
But they always, always left me with a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart.

So what about your children's teachers?
What are their interests?  Their likes?
Do they seem to have a favorite drink?  food?  or destination?
Think about them, over the next few weeks.
Take the time to get them something special.
Five dollars, ten dollars, the cost doesn't matter.
The true value is in showing your appreciation to someone who loves and cares for your child every single day without fail.
Find some pretty bits to wrap it up.
A piece of twine and a tiny ornament will do.
I promise you it will brighten the day of your child's teacher.
She will surely be joyful and thankful to you.


Unsure of what to get your child's teacher?  
Here are a few ideas of some of my favorite teacher gifts to give and receive around the holidays!


A cheery bouquet of pencils.  Because few things are more delightful to a teacher than having her own supply of pencils that aren't touched by sticky little hands.
Colorful office supplies in her favorite shades.  Paper work is always more fun when it is completed using festive paper clips and tape.
Pretty little notecards.  Because not all notes sent home from the teacher are bad ones.
Fun stamps and a new stamp pad.  Half the fun of grading tests is putting a pretty stamp on them!
What teacher doesn't love coffee?  These little Vias are perfect for making a hot cup before a cold morning recess duty.  A homemade coffee cuff will keep their morning joe warm while protecting their hands from the heat.
Not into coffee?  Pick up a special blend of tea from a local specialty store or online from those shops that aren't available in your hometown.  It will make it a special treat each time they make a cuppa.
Tasty treats from any local bakery or candy shop are always a sweet and thoughtful treat.  I'm not a big fan of candy, but I love when my students support local businesses in buying me a gift.
And of course I've never seen a teacher turn away from the good 'ol standby of a Starbucks card.  Wrap it up with some yummy chocolate.  Your teacher will thank you on those rushed and hectic mornings when all they want is a delicious latte to get them through their day.


So what about you?  
What are some of your favorite go-to gifts to give to teachers or other school staff?
Share in your comments what you like to joyfully give, and this sweet little bundle could be yours.

An alphabet stamp set.
A $10 Starbucks gift card.
And a homemade coffee cuff.

Feel free to keep the gifts for yourself!
Or use them to spread the joy and love of this Christmas season to a teacher who is near and dear to you.

thank you, christie!
i can't wait to put these ideas to good use when my children are in school.

if you're like me and don't have school-aged children or any children for that matter, PLEASE still enter the giveaway! just leave a comment saying your favorite go-to gift for your neighbors, bosses, hairdressers, etc!

i will announce the winner monday morning so check back!


  1. My favorite go to gift is a Starbucks card. People love them! I usually try to pair it with a cute card or little dollar spot gift.

  2. I think it depends what the specific teacher likes.....I try to ask at the begging of the year....most like coffee or tea, and I LOVE to make a coffee gift basket with a vintage mug and gift card! xoxo

  3. christie! love this so much, i LOVE gift giving as well. especially to teachers. we usually do the coffee cuff(or mug rug!) and coffee card idea, or a manicure gift certificate, coffee and a martha stewart mag;) love your stamp set and office supplies, so cute!
    and wrapping is the best part;)

    thanks for sharing, cutie girls!

  4. Easy always works best in our house...and our teaches have all loved (or at least said they did) the smoked salmon we gifted them earlier this year.

  5. Gift cards are a definite go to for teacher gifts. I like to stick them in travel mugs or cups. Insulated cups with the straws are all the rage among teachers these days! My fave teacher gift I ever gave was a decoupaged clipboard with their name. My son's kindergarten teacher still uses his. They were super fun and easy to make too!

  6. My favorite go-to gift is something yummy--cookies or bread! Also, you really never can go wrong with a Starbucks gift card!

  7. you better pick me for this ish.
    gift giving. i dont even know. i love to give starbucks gift cards. mugs.
    and anything from cost plus. #nojoke.
    its where i do 90% of my shopping.

  8. okay, this could be lengthy because this is something i STRONGLY believe in. I am married to a HS teacher and so FEW people ever tangibly say thank you! Past teacher gifts that have gotten rave reviews: fun Christmas socks(who knew!),$5 Christmas fleece blankets from wal-mart!, Paper-white bulbs for forcing (with a "thank you for helping me grow" tag attached),$5 sonic gift card for happy hour, picture frames with photo of the entire class, & anything food! brownie dipped oreos are a big hit! I give each teacher a informational questionnaire at the beginning of the school year so i can learn about their favorite things, and if they are coffee drinkers, collect anything, and what they like to do to pamper themselves. All of this information helps me to be a better gift giver. I also love to do small things for the lunchroom workers and custodial staff because they are usually forgotten. THANK YOU! I will definitely be using some of your ideas!

  9. First of all I have been all over town looking for library book pockets and cards. Where did Christie find them?
    For Christmas I always give the boys teachers and our neighbors homemade Greek pastries. Everyone goes gaga over my father in laws baklava...I wish I could take the credit haha. But I can't I just buy the supplies and act as his baking assistant ;)

  10. Gift cards are my go to for the easiest gifts to give

  11. Love all these ideas!

    My husband is a teacher & sometimes the gifts he gets are hilarious.

    My go to is definitely gift cards! I mean, who doesn't want someone else to pay for their coffee?!

  12. Oooooo... I can't even imagine getting such adorable useful gifts from a Kindergartener... One time I got unmatched, used earrings. Thought that counts?? I think a scarf is a lovely gift! You can never have too many and they aren't too expensive and I feel guilty buying myself one... Thus, give a scarf. Yum.

  13. Ohhhhh how lovely to receive these adorable gifts! Lucky teachers! One time I got mismatched used earrings from a Kindergartener... Nice. Thought that counts? I think a scarf is a perfect little gift. You can never have too many, they are pretty inexpensive, and I always feel guilty buying one for myself... Perfect little gift. Yum.

  14. starbucks gift card! who doesn't love to not have to spend their own money on expensive coffee?!

  15. oh my goodness these are such adorable ideas!!!!!! i've been knitting scarves this year...last year, my girls and i made fabric floral pins. we love making gifts :)

  16. these ideas are awesome!! i love to bake so that's usually my go-to gift for neighbors and (sunday school) teachers. but a starbucks gift card works in a pinch!

  17. I always make carmel corn. The elementary teachers look forward to it now!

  18. I like homemade gifts, like my husband's awesome pomegranate jelly. :-)

  19. I have a killer recipe for homemade granola that my family loves and it makes a ton! I sometimes put it in a cute jar and package it with twine and a little note!! Love these ideas! Would be great for teachers and friends!!

  20. these are some really cute ideas!!!!

  21. I love giving pickle dog design rosebud earrings as gifts. They are the bomb! Super cheerful colors, wrapped up to make anyone smile and a great price. And did I mention how stinkin cute they are. Great gift! Love etsy.

  22. Scarves, coffee mugs, homemade granola. My 3 stand bys. Anything that I know I would be excited to open!

  23. since i am quite tight on money (always), i usually go for home made items just like these ones you have, or sometimes home made food :)

  24. so since i'm ashlynn's 'teacher' i'm entering for her to win this...and give it to me.

    i haven't had the opportunity to do gifts for teachers yet but a fancy bar of chocolate almost always finds it's way into gifts i give. i can't help it.

  25. coffee mugs and starbucks gift cards are always my go to gifts. hard to go wrong with those! :)

  26. Cute ideas! Love the stamps. As a teacher, I love receiving Starbi cards and Target cards. Those insulated cups with the straw that doesn't fall out are great too!

  27. My favorite gifts for my kids' teachers are Christmas ornaments, which I try to make myself, unless I happen to run across a really cute one while shopping. I think I'll be doing Starbucks g/c's this yr, though.

  28. LOVE this post. Just pinned it for future reference in teacher gift giving!


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