Tuesday, November 13, 2012

jolly holiday :: hannah + a giveaway!!!!!

let's talk about hannah for a sec, k?
hannah is one of my absolute favorite people.
she loves everyone, everyone loves her.
she's real, she's down to earth, and she's funny.
in fact, sometimes when i'm falling asleep, i'll remember a text she sent me from earlier in the day, and i get the silent giggles. 
you know...the kind that you're holding in so your sleeping husband doesn't wake up. 

anyway....i love what hannah is sharing today.
AND she's giving it away!!!!

don't you love katy's jolly holiday series?!
such a delightful way to get in the thanksgiving and christmas spirit.
today, we're in the christmas mood.
christmas is my most favorite holiday. it's what my life hangs on.
jesus coming to this world as a babe, all to redeem an undeserving wretch like myself? amazing grace.
as time draws near to celebrate the birth of our king, i think it's fun to countdown the days!
last year i threw together a little advent calendar to help my family countdown to christmas.
this year, i thought it'd be fun to make a simple one for you, too!
materials used:
silver metallic paint pen
one inch scalloped paper punch
i punched twenty-five happy little circles from kraft cardstock.
i had a ton on hand, you could use any colors you like.
i wrote festive little numbers on each one with a super fun metallic paint marker.
i think it's fun to have a little activity for each day leading up to christmas.
you can get really creative here!
we love christmas movies and baking, so movies and cookie making are on mine.
other ideas we love:
reading the christmas story from the book of luke...and children's bibles
sing a christmas carol and research the story behind it
go out driving/walking to look at christmas lights
make christmas ornaments
take a christmas treat to a neighbor
decorate the christmas tree...
if you know me, you know about my deep love for washi tape.
to be honest, it's a bit tedious to cover these short, fatty clothespins, but totally worth it.
i mean, look how cute they are!
last year i used multiple styles of tape. for this one, 
i chose this simple red and white striped because i loved it with the green ribbon.
another area to stretch your creative muscles is trinkets!
party favor sections and dollar bins are great places to pick things up.
i feel like they don't have to be some long lasting heirloom, you know?
it's ok if they get lost or tossed aside after a week. 
the point really is to have a treat for the day. in my opinion, of course.
don't let me boss you around, but these are a few fun examples...
i have a little boy, so i probably won't be using a purple shimmery heart bracelet.
my son loves jingle bells, chocolate coins, chapstick, clips, dinosaurs...
a gift card is a fun idea...target has the cutest ones of all time!
you could make an activity for "shop for a family in need" 
and use the giftcard to pick out gloves/hats/books/snacks together to wrap and give away!
you'll also want to keep in mind as you load your little baggies...the weight.
choose fairly light items, and spread them evenly throughout your calendar.
three yards of ribbon typically comes on a spool at the craft store. i used less than that.
how's that for measuring?
i chose green grosgrain(again, what i had on hand), 
but use whatever colors you love or match your home, if you're into that sort of thing :)
lay your ribbon out and attach the filled bags with your covered clothepins. 
i waited until now to attach the numbers.
listen. don't do that. it's way easier to attach them on empty bags.
your countdown is ready to be displayed on december 1st!
if you don't have space to hang it straight across anywhere, cut the ribbon.
hang it in two parts together, just as cute!
this is a super simple one. i think it's nice.
but you could decorate it further with an ornament on each end, 
bells, a garland strung along with it...totally up to you.
happy christmas to you, darling scottyboy and katygirl readers!
and p.s. like i said. this one's for you.
i'm giving away this gently used - for this demonstration only - countdown calendar!
giveaway includes:
ribbon who knows how much exactly
25 covered clothespins
25 numbered glassine bags
25 blank papers, to fill in your own activities!
to enter, tell us something you love about christmas!


enter the giveaway, y'all!
or don't....because i want to win. :)
thank you hannah! 
now go!!! enter!!!


  1. great post! too cute!


  2. this is a great idea! i want to win! my favorite thing about Christmas is the tradition of it all. knowing my family will always come together no matter what is going in their lives.

  3. Hannah. This is fantastic. so.

    One thing I love about Christmas is the kindness that comes over people. I feel like it is so much more prominate then and it blesses me

  4. I just ordered each item to make this (in case I don't win!). I love this idea. Something I love about Christmas is the music and seeing my kids' faces on Christmas morning.

  5. i love me some hannah!
    love this cute idea for an activity advent calendar

  6. This is cute Hannah!!! Loving the green and red and white stripes. You have such an eye for the cute!!!

  7. I love our tradition of going to a tree farm in the mountains the day after Thanksgiving, and picking out our tree. And I love that evening, listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate as we decorate the tree.

  8. I love the festiveness of Christmas (is that even a word?!?) The traditions,the decor, the cookie baking,the parties, but most of all the being together with loved ones to celebrate the precious babe born to save us all. It IS the most wonderful time of the year!

  9. I love huge Christmas trees. I love walking through neighborhoods with lights and how strangers talk to each other. I love getting family picture Christmas cards in the mail. I love that it is an easy time to talk to people about Jesus. Oh and red cups, love those red cups.

  10. Well, my favorite Christmas thing is being at HOME. And not just, being there, but being PRESENT there.

    And, I love Hannah.

    And, I love my cute katygirl print that hangs in my kitchen.

    And, I want to hang this little number beside it, so definitely pick me.


  11. My favorite thing about Christmas...Every year I have made a tradition of getting the kids (big and little) a cozy blanket, each one is different and I often have to visit several stores in order to get enough, but the joy it brings to their faced on Christmas Eve when they open it, make it all worthwhile.

  12. I love Christmas lights, and I love coming home seeing them all over our house.

  13. Hannah is awesome. Of course.

    Christmas is the best because of the warm fuzzy feelings you get when you remember the REAL story.

    Hope I win!!!!!

  14. So cute! I love it!! Yay for Christmas!


  15. my fave is two things: Christmas songs (year round, please) and making ebelskivers and eating them in front of the fire CHristmas morning! And what an adorable little calendar...ode to the creative folks out there :)

  16. I love a warm fire, coffee, christmas music and a good book :)

  17. Adorable! Not that I expect anything less from Hannah :) I love, love, love the idea of the gift card to shop for a family in need! I'm going to make this for the sole purpose of including that in our month! Thanks!

  18. Adore everything about this! So many fun items coming together to create a Christmas countdown! My fave part about the holidays is the magic that fills the air! It's all around and I LOVE it! XO

  19. I. Love. This. Need. If I don't win I am making this. Fo sho.
    My fave about Christmas is decorations. I would have them up all year long if Katy wouldn't judge me. She would. And Obvi celebrating the birth of my main man Jesus.

    Katy. Pick me. Or else. ;)

    1. a few things here:
      1. you haven't commented on my blog in a year and now you're just commenting b/c you want something.
      2. i would not judge. i would do it too.
      3. you didn't even say bieber's christmas cd!!!!!

    2. I only come out of the wood works when it benefits me. Because I'm lazy and have to log in. And comment from my phone. Which takes a whole year to do.
      And I don't even own the cd. I will have to fix that ASAP.

  20. i love hannah, and not just because we share an undying love of washi tape.
    this is the perfect advent for our family this year! thanks miss h.
    once again you save the day. xoxo

  21. I love Hannah and her creativity! :)
    My favorite part of Christmas is reading the Christmas story with family before anyone opens gifts OR eats breakfast.

  22. I love Hannah. I love Katy. I love giveaways. I love Christmas.

    Soooo this is pretty great.

    Yesterday (walking through the Christmas decorations/candy/whatever aisle at the grocery store) I realized one thing that I really love about Christmas is the smell. The spices, the food, the hot drinks. Yes, please.

  23. Can't help loving Hannah and the memories we have made over the years. My favorite thing about the holiday season and Christmas specifically is the excitement of my children. I so remember the joy Christmas used to bring to my brother and I and I just adore seeing their faces light up when the tree lights are on and when we have all the decorations up.

  24. Oh, Miss Hannah...I love this...especially the "short, fatty clothespins"

    My favorite part of Christmas is having my husband off of work for 2 weeks.

  25. hannah, this is ADORABLE!!! you are seriously amazing!
    i love pretty much everything about Christmas, but since I'm loving listening to Phil Wickham singing right now, i'll pick Christmas music! :)

  26. Oooohhh....really cute advent! Might have to do this project and trash last year's advent! HA!!!! So cute!

  27. This is adorable! I love all the small details. My favorite part of Christmas is attending Christmas Eve service with my hubby's family and then going to his grandparents for snacks and opening presents at their home after the service.

  28. what i love about christmas is imaginging what it would've been like for mary and joseph and all that they went through.
    i love hannah, too!

  29. I'm new to your site, I can't wait to sit and read away while sipping on some coffee.
    My favorite part of Christmas is listening the my girls sing in the Children's Christmas Program at church.

  30. I enjoy that throughout December everyone intends to do something special. It may be baking a special cookie with the kiddos or planning a Christmas Victorian tea for all the ladies at church. Big or small, I enjoy all the special thought that goes into making the days around Christmas memorable, meaningful and special.

  31. I love the smells of Christmas and the lights twinkling on the fresh twinkly snow in MN. :)
    What a great advent calendar idea!!

  32. this is PERFECT. i had been envisioning something like this in our house. so glad Hannah had the vision so i could see it first and know what i'm doing! AMAZING. love you both!!

  33. ps. i left my comment before i realized this was a giveaway. that should give me extra pull or something. ; )

  34. I looovvvveee wrapping up my littles, hubby driving and we look at Christmas lights while listening to perry como or John Denver and eat candy canes. #longestonesentencecommentever

  35. this post makes me so happy and i love thanksgiving but i am so excited for christmas i can hardly stand it.

    what i love about christmas is sitting in front of my fake crackling fire all day, wearing jammies and fake uggs, drinking coffee, and listening to my frank sinatra christmas station on pandora.

    also, not working.

    also, jesus.

    the end.

  36. I looove it!

    My favorite time of the year is christmas! I love every single thing about it. I love practicing carols in choir for the church christmas concert. I love baking way too many goodies with my mom and nana. I love purchasing christmas gifts for my sons. I love the smell of pine needles and evergreen. But most of all, I love that I get to see every member of my family on that special day as we celebrate the one who brought us here!

  37. adorable!?! i love the music the best. and christmas shopping is ten times better when you have small children to shop for.

  38. i love being with my family, all together in a house in the mountains - fingers crossed for snow this year!
    thanks for the chance!

  39. totally adorbs, miss hannah!
    xoxo love it!

  40. I love all the special memories that we get to make with our daughters. Making traditions and keeping the old ones. :) Love the countdown calendar!

  41. i looove this!! hannah is awesome. end of story. ;) & i want to win it & make my hubby celebrate with me!

  42. I love that they can totally forget it and drive on... they don't hold grudges. To them, every morning is new, and so are God's mercies!

  43. Okay, scratch that, for some goofy reason i read "tell us something you love about your children!" HAHAHA! Jesus is my favorite part about Christmas. I know it sounds simple but HE is CHRISTMAS! Everything else is just party decorations, here for a day or so but the Birthday boy is FOREVER!

  44. I LOVE the traditions and creating new ones with my little family!


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