Wednesday, November 21, 2012

my heart is full.

this year.
such a good year.
so full. so fulfilling.
i feel like every year i write these blog posts about how thankful i am.
and i truly enjoy this tradition. brings me back to remembering all the things the Lord has done.

but this year, i feel like less is more.

my husband is my most favorite person on earth. my rock. my better half.
my son put the sparkle in my eye. he's taught me so much about the Lord.
my daughter is just what this family needed. made us whole. lights up every part of our lives.

and my God.
my God is so forgiving. changes us. makes us new.
refines us. redeems us. calls us His own.
and gives us new mercies every day. every month. every year.

it was a good year. one that goes down in the books.
and i am so, so thankful.


  1. Our God is an awesome God, is he not? ;) Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. thankful for a full year too, full of blessings. growth and blessings.

    you have a gorgeous smile, by the way :)

  3. beautiful! happy thanksgiving, katy!
    LOVE these pics. lovelovelove.

  4. oh mylanta. i keep going back and looking at these pictures. amazing.

    you know what i'm thankful for? that you keep blogging and sharing your life here. it's refreshing. thanks for keeping on...

  5. happy thanksgiving sweet friend.
    i'm so thankful for you!

  6. your family is seriously adorable!

  7. Wow. Those are some cute kids you have got! Happy Thanksgiving lovely friend!

  8. cute, cute pics :)
    happy thanksgiving! xo

  9. This pictures are so great!

    Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

  10. love love love the pics! happy thanksgiving...a day late.

  11. Oh I love your pics! Sweet family! Remember in OC in 04- you were just dating Scott and now look at all He has done and the sweet sweet blessings of M & C! God is so kind and FUN. heart you.

  12. The colors in these pictures make my heart race. Not to mention the sweetest family in them. So beautiful!! Hope you had a happy thanksgiving!

  13. i love this photoshoot... especially the one of you and your husband throwing gangster signs. you guys look like so much fun!! haha

  14. Cory is drooling over these photos. Well, in a very manly sort of way. ;)

    You guys are beautiful!

  15. These are great, friend! My fav is that last one on the right of you & your hubby. Really, really sweet.

  16. great post. love the last photo .

  17. I love you! I love your thankful heart! I love these pics! I miss you!

  18. you have a beautiful family! i love your heart for the Lord. I really do!


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