Thursday, November 8, 2012


i'm a sucker for navy. it just seems so classic and trendy all at the same time.
but lately, i've been a little obsessed. it is everywhere. my obsession started over these:

babygap ballerina flats. i mean...for real. i based my entire annual family photo session around these shoes.
so here are some navy blue etsy finds....i feel i am doing a disservice to your paypal account with these. sorry. kinda. not really.

do you have a color you obsess over? i have a few. i am also a sucker for yellow. and turquoise. maybe a few others. i might have a color obsession problem....yikes. 


  1. i'm wearing a navy cardi today.
    i'm pretty sure it was subconsciously inspired by reading this post before i got dressed.

    if only i had that cute pendant and coinpurse to go with it, my day would be nothing short of perfect.

  2. I am obsessed with Turquiose and coral. LOVE!Those Gap flats are to die for!

  3. those shoes! I am a bit in love with fav!

  4. such cute little items! i really like navy too! after, all it rhymes with my name:)

  5. these finds delight me.
    those shoes are darling to the max.

  6. I just thought you should know that Ashlyn's favorite color is LIGHT blue. She gets upset over navy. I, however, LOVE it.

  7. i love the navy fingerless gloves.


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