Friday, November 2, 2012

pinterTest kitchen :: november

hello. i'm linking up with my friend jessica for pinterTest kitchen again this month.
i found a plethora (don't you love using that word) of recipes that i wanted to try, but i stuck with this one.

salted caramel chocolate cookie bars.

i told my friend i was making them & she was like, "but why. you don't like caramel & you don't like dark chocolate." well. the recipe looked easy & easy is what i need these days. so i stuck with it.

and i'm so glad i did because they were phenomenal. and easy.

i will let you go to the original maker of these bars to get all the details. also, i made these at night so my pictures are kinda crazy. and her's are profesh. so, there you go. plus, she made the recipe herself.

but here is the one thing i would do just a tad differently ::: when you make these bars, you melt the chocolate in a pan on your stove on low heat and then smooth it on top. i found it to take a little bit to melt & then once it did, it stuck to the pan real fast & almost burned. and then was a little hard to smooth over.

so here is a tip i learned a while back ::: take a pot, fill it with an inch or two of water. then take a pyrex bowl & add your chocolate chips to the bowl. turn the burner on low heat, let the water boil, and let the boiling water melt your chocolate through the glass bowl INSTEAD of in the pan. then the chances of it burning are very slim and it doesn't stick to the sides of the pot. make sense? a spatula can get the chocolate off the sides of a pyrex a lot easier than in a pan, i have found.

either way, these bars were bomb. bomb bars, i say. and scott took them to work the next day and said they were scooped up so fast and everyone was raving about them. so i say make them. pop them in a bag. add a tag for christmas and give them to your neighbors.

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and link up with jessica first thursday of every month! it is fun and you get new recipes and ideas every month.


  1. YESSSS.
    i love those damn caramels like no one's business.
    so i think i'm going to make these on my december baking day 2012.
    putting them on my official list.

  2. Oh my... I LOVE anything that is chocolate & caramel with salt!!! Definitely trying these soon! Thanks for passing this recipe along! :)

  3. Uh, hello... so glad you told us about these! Looking into these for Christmas for sure!

  4. DUUUUUDE. I need those bars in my life like ASAP. YUM!!!


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