Friday, November 16, 2012


i've got so much to say today. so many amazing & random things to discuss on this fine friday.

**the winner of the christmas countdown is stacy. email me & i will get you in touch with hannah girl!

**i know that i have been really open & honest about how hard it has been with miles the last 6 months. for a few months there, it felt really, really hard. and while there are moments of the day that feel like the only thing left to do is sit on the floor and stare at the wall and take deep breaths, things have gotten so much easier. i've been thinking about it the last few days...why things have gotten so much easier, that is. and i keep going back and forth. part of me really feels that miles has just gotten older...every month is better. he communicates more, he obeys more, he understands more.

but the other part of me feels like i am also different. i am calmer. i am more confident. i am more in control. i  can let go of my selfish desires at times and set myself aside a little easier. and most importantly, i have loosened my grip on my pride & have tightened my grip on my patience. my children are not perfect and neither am i. and once i was able to let go a little bit, things just got a lot easier. listen, we still have hard days a lot. but i can wake up now and face the day with a really great perspective...instead of being afraid. i still have to pray all the time for God's grace and ask for forgiveness multiple times a day. but i am learning a lot.

and i still want to learn. i am so thankful to have had the last six months - as challenging as they have been - because i am a different mom because of them. and i hope i still change. i have so much to change.

**i wore my california necklace from oxford trunk today. i love that necklace. i save it for special occasions. like dropping off my orders at the usps. you know how much i love the usps. and oxford trunk. and backwards pictures. everyone needs this necklace. it is a must. even my bestie in virginia.

**listen, i have had my etsy shop for about 3 months now. and before that i worked for heathergirl. and you know, i have come to find recently that there are two kinds of people in this small shop world. those who love to encourage each other, and those that just...don't. i've been blown away by the support i've felt from friends. people wanting to promote my shop for me and just really encouraging me.

but i've also felt like there are people out there that like to compete. unfortunately. and after a few months of having some pretty bummed feelings about some things, i've just come to the point of feeling like it's just not okay. look...there are a few really amazing designers that i'm friends with that i quite frankly, find brilliant. and i could easily be jealous of or want to be better than them. and in moments of weakness, i have given in to those lies in my head that tell me i will never be as good as them. but really, i want to be inspired by them, i want to learn from them, i want to walk along side them, and i want to support them...just like people have done to me.

i just am not okay with this competitive nature among bloggers and shop owners. i don't want any part in it. i want to be the best me i can be and do what i do because i love to do it and not for any other reason. and as i was processing today some bummer things that have happened over the last few weeks with this, i just simply asked myself the question...why do i do this? and it was a super quick answer that came to my 100% realness & honesty, the reason i do this is to glorify the Lord with the talents He's given me. and anything else...the money, the encouragement, the inspiration, the accomplishments...that's just all a bonus. and the minute i take my eyes off that ultimate goal of glorifying the Lord with my talents is the minute i stop glorifying him. and i don't want to stop glorifying him.

so i am washing my hands clean of all of this. i am not going to take part in it and i'm not going to let hurt feelings steal my joy anymore. we are all just trying to succeed in our shops...let's all come together to support and not try to one up each other or play games. let's encourage and be inspired and come along side each other. and ultimately strive to glorify God in the process.

**and last but not new friend jess is having a giveaway over on her blog for my shop! go visit.


  1. best post of all time.
    i love you honeychild.

  2. Ahh, I love you so! Your heart is so focused and it makes me smile!
    I love the idea of sharing the joy instead of stealing it.

  3. Great post is such a bummer that 'ugly' stuff happens. I don't know anything about small shop stuff, but I can guess what goes on. I was worried reading I'd come to the line where you said you were closing up shop. I am so glad you didn't end that way! Keep pressing forward....your shop makes me smile.

  4. Can't wait to order our Christmas cards from your shop!! I'm just waiting for the pics..minor detail. Rain, rain go away... not sure if I want to look like a pregnant, drowned rat in all of them...yet. Desperate times, may call for desperate meausures. If not I hope you do New Years cards...

  5. Shoot damn, girl, this is a good post (I like that expression, and I am adapting it. This was my first attempt, how'd I do?)

    You really are growing!!! Jesus is sanctifying you daily!!! I am excited to look back at this post in 6 ,onths and see how much more he has grown you. It isn't always easy, but its worth it, because He is GOOD!!!!!

  6. i like this post.
    sorry for bummer things. makes me sad for you:(
    we press on, love you!! xoxo

  7. love your thoughts on etsy/handmade - so easy to get caught up in the ugly side of competition, etc, but so much more rewarding to be kind & encouraging! also, i adore your shop, and the "i love you more than coffee" is on my christmas list. ;)

  8. dang katy. great post.

    I feel like maybe I'll master motherhood by the time my youngest moves

    I was really humble by god in the parenting department a year or so ago. I though I was this really great parent, turns out I just had a really good kid. b/c when jude was born my world was rocked upside down. he was in born early, in the nicu, and cried for the first 10 months of his life. I just wished his babyhood away. seriously. I just wished away the time and that it would move forward so he would.just.stop.crying. Then I was immediately overcome by guilt that I wasn't enjoying this little blessing. it is a vicious cycle. So thankful we have a great god who offers his grace and love and patience. you said it best, our kids are perfect and neither are we : )

    p.s. the peps that like to compete in all honest are jealous of your rockin' talent.

  9. I really like you. I love your super open & honest heart. It was so good to be reminded about why we have these shops. I desperately want my shop to be a place where I'm glorifying Him with my talents & like you said...the rest is all bonus!

    Sorry about the hard :(

    Umm, also, Kim's comment...Best.

  10. i'm happy to hear things are getting better with miles. i was just writing yesterday how this hard mom stuff has definitely changed me for the better. but i have a LONG way to go still. i am so thankful there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    God gave you amazing talent and i love that you share it with us all. just keep your eyes on Him, friend. the rest will work itself out :)

  11. Exactly the encouragement I needed to hear today! I can relate on a lot of the same levels, especially the hard baby and the competitiveness. Thanks for keeping it in perspective! Glad I started reading your blog and glad to collaborate with you for Oxford Trunk! Oh, and my husband says hi!

  12. Loved this post girl.
    God is so good for the work He does in us!
    That necklace is so great.
    CA forever.

  13. you are so wise, girl.
    love how you washed your hands of the ick and are pressing forward for the prize in Him.
    because absolutely, 100%, your talent is astounding!!! and He shines through it all.

  14. can i just say that humility goes such a long ways and i am incredibly blessed by yours. it is a beautiful quality and you exude it. major high five, my friend.

  15. I reallllly think I need the necklace toooo. :)


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