Sunday, November 11, 2012

scenes from a lot of days.

hung a new banner > watched curious george while holding hands on the couch > rode his hot wheels like a boss > watched football with dad, mickey, & doggy > voted > decided we wanted a whole lotta cheez-its while mom was working in the other room > crawled with a tutu on > sent out a lot of orders > put pooh in time-out while saying, "no obey. look at x."

sister came to visit and became camouflaged > oh hey! triplets > worked a lot on christmas cards  > had a chili date

got my first red cup of the season > made a new print > hung out with my favorite guy on earth > tried out the high chair unsuccessfully > watched cranes with dad > chopped peppermint oreos for my pinterTest > hung out with fun friends while wearing my glasses because miles elbowed me in the eye and my contact fell out > cheered for the giants in the off season > had a fun dinner with my two dear friends julie and jessica while they popped into town for a sec.

and also....go check out oh sweet joy today. she has an awesome holiday market and it's "paper" day! 

whew. that was a lot. life feels full and fun...but so exhausting. tis the season. 

now tell me something about you. hurry.


  1. i love love love your new print!

  2. i have a feeling i'm going to make the cut from your next scenes from a lot of days.

    i feel like pooh is no looking at the X. is he still there?

  3. the hand holding is killing me in the best way.
    also, i'm totally not getting jealous at all of all the fun dinners you girls keep getting to have. not one bit. okay, maybe just a tiny bit. ya'll are cute!

  4. what is the pinter test recipe? i'm intrigued!

  5. have i told you lately one of my favorite blogs to read. well you are.

  6. i love that print.

    and that is all i can think of right now.

  7. these are some mighty fine scenes.
    i feel like i need to visit california.

  8. i like this.
    and you.
    and your new print.
    annnnnd, i'm seeing your name everywhere for cards.
    girl. you on fire!

  9. I just started blogging and found your page! Im your new follower :) I love your shirt! And this college is adorable :)

  10. i love your frames and your wall! and how funny that your sister matches! :)


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