Thursday, November 15, 2012


my house is full of color. lots of it. everywhere. i'm drawn to it.
but there is something about neutral that calms me. i feel like thanksgiving time is the perfect time for neutral colors because turkeys are neutral and we eat them. i'm sure that is not really why. but, it seemed like a good transitional sentence. let's look at 5 things i found on etsy, shall we?

[cutest shop name ever]

i'm so excited for thanksgiving this year. we go to my mom's for a few days every year and she is a phenomenal decorator. even though we have really different styles, i learned almost everything i know about decorating from her. she taught me how to make a house a home.

do you have a certain color scheme you decorate for fall with?

also...don't forget to enter hannah's amazing jolly holiday giveaway! we will announce the winner tomorrow. i love this idea so much!


  1. Oh hey fav post of the week!!!
    I decorate zero for thanksgiving, but if I did it would prob be along these lines with pops of rich reds, mustard, and a little blue.

  2. Because we eat them....brilliant.
    I am all about neutrals, my favorite. Clean and simple :)

  3. Patrice is a great decorator spending holidays at her house! i like whites and burnt's mostly my milk glass and pumpkins:)


  4. gold is currently my favorite neutral, so that banner is calling out to me.

  5. i love decorating with all kinds of gourds. also, i love the word gourd.

    i love love love decorating for fall. but as i've been burning pumpkin spice candles and staring at my leaf garlands for three months now, i'm ready to move on to christmas.

    bring on the gold and glitter!!!

  6. beauty-fulllll!!! love the neutrals too, with a little pop of orange here and there. that wreath is gorgeous!


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