Friday, November 9, 2012

why i made these.

sometimes i find a print on that captures my attention immediately...and i just want to know why the designer created it. because when i make a print, it is something that tugs at my heart...that makes me want to sit down behind the screen and put my heart and soul into creating something that will eventually end up on someone's wall.

so it got me thinking...i want to share why i created some of the prints that i've created. because as you can tell, 99% of them are quotes or verses or lines from worship songs that have really stuck out to me. now let me tell you something...i am all about the journey we are all on. i think God has taken me on a crazy journey...full of ups and downs and everything in between. and it has never been easy...there have been a LOT of really hard roads i've either chosen to take myself or have been given...but without those roads, i'm not sure if i'd be as strong as i am now.

over the summer, scott & i would stay up so late watching the olympics. and they'd show these introductions to athletes or events or anything really. with beautiful music and morgan freeman's voice gently telling us these stories that made me feel like even I could do the shot put. or be the next michael phelps. so inspirational. at times, i felt compelled to stand up and sing the national anthem, even. i was so proud to be an american.

but this one time, they said this ::

and my heart kind of skipped a beat for a second. because i really do believe that. and a lot of times when i feel like i'm just kind of stuck in this weird phase of life or a weird funk that i just can't shake off, i realize that Psalm 23:6 says we walk THROUGH the valley. and there have been a lot of times in my life that i keep coming back to that...that it says THROUGH and not IN. because what if we NEVER got out of the valley? what if we always stayed there? i am SO thankful that we come out on the other side. i am so thankful that there is a beginning and an end to every trial. aren't you? i am also so thankful for the middle part. for the uphill climb. because like i said before, i wouldn't be who i am today without the middle.

which brings me to this print:

because i think they two go hand in hand. (not design wise...that would be a train wreck. i am talking meaning wise.) because i think that if we were always at the peak of something, we would never have to hope in anything. we'd always have everything in front of us. and when i think about what i want to be in life...who i want God to continually create me to be...i have to long for it. it doesn't just happen. it's not just spread out before me like i'm standing at the mountain top. i have to pray for it, change for it, dream about it, hope in it. and it makes me a better person the whole time. it is slowly making me into God wants me to be and the valley seems so much more worth it when i look at it that way.

i am not a hiker. i actually really hate it. but i can appreciate beauty. and when i'm looking at a mountain from the bottom, it almost seems unreachable. and so much bigger than me. but when we remember that we get to go THROUGH the valley...always knowing the valley will produce so much makes the top of the mountain seem obtainable. like the happily ever after was worth the hard work to get there. and i'll deal with the hard work for the end result. 

also...p.s....speaking of prints, i made a free printable over at beautifully rooted today. just for you. you can download it here.


  1. i love the backstories. it makes your prints that much more beautiful. and YAY for a free katygirl print. THANK YOU :)

  2. I love the backstories!

    Have you ever read Hinds Feet on High Places?

  3. love the stories /// you are so very talented!!!

    p.s. I sort of felt the same way about the Olympics ;)

  4. whenever i see a print that makes my heart skip a beat on the world wide web, it's usually you who made it. :)
    i love that you use your talent for Him. LOVE it!
    and i'm pretty sure i need that valley print.
    these stories are so intriguing to me because we have been through some doozies in the past few years and i thank God for them, because He has used them to draw us so much closer to Him and help us understand what's really important.
    ps thank you so much for the swoony free printable!

  5. well, this is genius. i love hearing the behind the scenes. LITERALLY. ha! it's early. i love your work. i love your stories. and i am going to love having dinner with you. TONIGHT.


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