Sunday, December 9, 2012

a lot more than seven.

been a little m.i.a on this here blog. let's catch up, shall we? ready. set. go.

my girl has some crazy curly hair \\ my mom wore a flashing rudolph nose for miles \\ camden found her first friend \\ miles was really fond of thanksgiving \\ my mom cooks a mean turkey \\ cammie was obsessed with curious george \\ grammy was in heaven with her grandkids in her bed in the morning \\ date night! \\ the best book i've ever seen in my entire life.

grammy taught miles how to hang his monkeys \\ a girl & her boots & her grammy \\ bff for life \\ love my scooterboy \\ went to trader joes, bought way too many sweets, don't even like most of it \\ sold 50 prints in ONE day \\ miles apparently wanted to sleep with his train \\decking the tree \\ ummmmm, santa anyone?

meet pete, our new plate, named by miles \\ scooter was lovin' every second of those kid cuddles \\ got my chai tea fix \\ custom christmas cards galore \\ pretending we're blowin' the leaves with our backpack \\ my girl  has got some long lashes and bright eyes \\ building fires with papa \\ scooter taught miles how to mow the lawn \\ big wheels keep on turnin'

my new favorite thing in my house is this banner i had custom made to go on my map! i bought it from the cutest little store called steph loves ben. i'm in love with it and hope to keep it up all year round!

i just have to say a big THANK YOU. as of a week ago, you helped me raise $148 for the joyful life library with the share the joy card. [i haven't taken a pic of the updated total, but we have about $160 now!] i am so grateful for the opportunity to partner with all of you and be able to spread joy with the books in the children's hospitals. let's keep going!
you can read about cut off times for christmas cards here.

andddddddd that's a wrap. whew. if you're still reading, you are crazy.


  1. crazy here too, yo.
    a few things here...
    cammie's eyes
    i love stephlovesben
    the miles and scott pic
    your shop is hella on fire
    i don't have a tjs, so, feel free to send me cookies

    love you.

  2. HAHA! The cat book looks hilarious!

  3. yes. i am crazy too!

    so much good stuff here.
    i love the recaps with all the pics we haven't seen before! THE BEST. :)

    so much excitement going on at thanksgiving.

    cammies curls remind me of mine. ;)

    and you and scott are cute.
    and make cute kids.

    i think that about sums it up.

  4. Love your new banner on top of your map...what a great idea!
    Love Trader Joes this time of many yummy treats~

  5. I feel like I have a lot to say:

    1. I was really happy when your post showed up in my reader.
    2. Your kids are stinking cute.
    3. I went to TJ"s for the 1st time. Went home with the mini-gingerbread men. Can't.Get.Enough.
    4. Your shop is rockin' it! Great job girl!
    5. LOVE that banner.
    6. James needs a big wheel
    7. I like you.

  6. i must be crazy. i read it all. i love it all.

  7. love all the sweet pics.....yay for date night and chai tea!

  8. LOVE it all!
    50 prints in one day?! DAMN girl. can i say that here?
    i love steph loves ben. have a couple banners from her too! she's the sweetest. that one is suhweeet! too bad i just made mine. heh. i woulda totally bought one instead. haha!
    i'm obsessed with cammie's curls.

    annnnd, that all folks.


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