Friday, December 7, 2012

dear miles.

dear miles,
my most FAVORITE thing about you right now...i mean, i just can't get enough of it, is when you say, "see ya!"

you learned it from me...because you always grab a bag and put it under your arm like it is it is a briefcase like your dad uses on his way to work.
then you shout "bye bye, mommy!" and i say, "see ya, miles!"

so now it is your thing. like, "bye bye, garbage truck! see ya!" or "love you, mommy! see ya!"

i don't know when you started to get so big. some days i'm happy about it. most days i want you to slow down.

you're the best little guy, miles.

p.s. i are obsessed with garbage trucks. like ob-sessed. are all boys like this? it's all you talk about. why is trash so fascinating?


  1. sweetest post katy!

    all boys at his age are obsessed.

    it was really fun when my oldest would see a garbage truck when we were out and he would yell "MAMA look at, look at, LOOK AT the big truck" only he couldn't say the TR sound so it came out as an F.

  2. why IS trash so fascinating?

    miles is a lucky boy.
    eg says "see ya" too and it's the BEST.

    happy friday! xo

  3. i feel like you could channel this trash obsession to your taking it out. and collecting it around the house.

    start him young.

  4. That is totally one of my favorite things James says as well. Melt.My.Heart.

    He is also super obsessed with the "trash man." He can tell you that the trash man comes on Tuesday mornings. Seriously? I guess it's a very important thing to know in toddler world.

  5. our friday tradition used to be watching the trash truck. alex loves them. and he finds them everywhere we go. totally normal :)

  6. i love hearing the new phrases kids pick up...absolutely the most precious!

  7. i love that his name is miles and his favorite thing to say is "see ya." this is perfect.

  8. our kids are growing too dang fast.
    welp, time for you to have another, i guess.
    or just get a cat.



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