Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Christmas is my favorite time of year. there's something that feels so magical about it. the sparkles, the holly, the red bows. candles always lit & music always on & a scarf always around my neck. smiles on everyone's faces & lines in every store & wrapping paper on the end of every aisle.

and Jesus. every december i find myself pondering the year. looking back on every month & seeing what God has done. and today in church was no different. for some reason this time of year, i can't really contain the tears that well up in my eyes during worship. and on Sunday we were singing just another worship song, but the thought kept creeping in my head, "GLORY to GOD in the highest."

and i started thinking, that's really what it's all about. to HIM be the glory for it all.

for my husband & how he leads this family & how deeply he loves each of us.
and for my husband's forgiveness that continually humbles me beyond belief.
for my little girl born in april & how much she delights my soul.
for my little guy & how much fun he is & how much i learn from him every day.
for my beautiful home & how God blessed us with it.
for my friendships & how encouraging they've been.
even for how fun my little shop has been.

and to HIM be the glory for all that he is to US.

for his graciousness.
his new mercies every day.
his redemption in our lives.
his forgiveness. over & over & over.
for his peace & joy that he brought to this world.
for his thrills of hope.
for the way he carries us through the valleys.
and for the light that he is that so generously paves our ways.

i thought about all of this in church on Sunday morning. and my eyes filled with tears at how much glory he is due. and then, i thought about what it looks like to give him glory for the hard things. and that is not as easy.

but GLORY is due to HIM for the hard days as a mom i had this year.
GLORY to God for the loneliness i felt during a tough season in life as i navigated my way through learning how to parent an active 2 year old little boy and a baby all at once.
GLORY to God for how my friend's mom got massive cancer that continues to spread and the hurt that everyone who knows her is experiencing.
GLORY to God for infertility in friends around me and the heartache that it brings.
GLORY to God for when marriage is HARD.
GLORY to God for hurt feelings or discouraging days or defeat.
GLORY to God for how weary this world can be.

Glory to HIM that things don't always go the way we want them to.
Glory to HIM  for those valleys that seem to never end.
Glory to HIM that because he is who he says he is, we choose to still believe.

those glories are hard.
so much more harder than the praises.

and yet, those glories are what mold us into who we are.
they are how God chooses to reveal himself to us.
those glories are what teach us to cling to him no matter what.

GLORY to God for coming here. for living and dying so i could live forever with Him. for becoming like ME. for ME.  GLORY to God in the ultimate highest.

that is what it is all about.


  1. love this post, girl. you are right on. :)

  2. amen.
    glory to the god man, JESUS.
    so grateful for his coming for me, too!

    love this, thanks, katy xo

  3. Katy, this is a very beautiful message you have written. Thank you so much for the reminder of how great of a God we have, the real reason He has come, and the fact that even in the days when we feel most defeated and isolated from Him, and the days when we feel like life just hasn't gone the way we had expected, HE is still there and HE is still in control. I am moved to tears over this writing, love you. mama

  4. GLORY GLORY GLORY to Him alone!! AMEN

  5. Honeychild.
    This is possibly my favorite post if all time.
    Glory to God in the highest, in hurt and happiness, today and everyday!!!!

  6. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. When I was young I was told by my grandma to lift everything up to God. The good and the bad. My joys and my fears. This post just reminds me so much why that is important.

  7. i hear ya. life is hard. but glory to God.

  8. i was just thinking about this today.
    how in the heck is it dec again?
    where has this year gone?
    where the heck is my brain?
    gosh, i hope i'm more present next year. this whole year is such a speedy blur.

    glory to GOD for another year though!
    full of hopes & dreams & trials.
    love this katygirl. love you too.

  9. love this. and agree with what everyone said. its really powerful and encouraging and accurate. love you.

  10. beautiful and honest. love your heart. and your Christmas decor:)

  11. amen! Glory to God in the highest!

  12. katy. how did i not comment this (i thought i did).
    anyway, best post.
    God's glory seems to be the theme this week.
    in a REALLY good way.


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