Tuesday, December 4, 2012

jolly holiday :: lesley

Hey Guys. I know that I've been MIA and I know that I still need to announce the winner from last week's giveaway. I will. I promise. TODAY though...my dear friend Lesley is gonna share with us. Now let me tell you something about Lesley. I just purchased this amazing print from her that I kinda want to keep up all year round. And with the print, she sent me THIS:

That is what I call a REALLY cool friend. I'm excited for what she is sharing with us today. 

Hey dear Katygirl readers! I'm Lesley and I blog over at recipeforcrazy. I just adore Katy and am thrilled she asked me to share one of my favorite holiday recipes with you today!!

In years past we've done our own little Advent calendar where each new day we do something fun as a family. Some days we read a Bible verse, some days we dance to Christmas music, some days we watch a favorite movie and then some days we bake. I wrote about each day in a little series last year and you can see my little recap here.

My recipe today is a new take on one of my favorite holiday snacks, the Ritzie. You can read about the original version here. But for Katy, I wanted to try something new!!


This is so simple it really shouldn't be called a recipe. Here's what you'll need:


Ritz crackers
white chocolate almond bark
sprinkles - because they just make everything more festive!!

First make little sandwiches with a cracker, spread some Nutella on it then top it with another cracker.


Then melt the almond bark. You can do it in a small bowl in the microwave or on the stove in a double boiler. Then dip the cracker in it. Mix it up, do some where you coat both sides and some where you just dip the edge.


Here's a trick I've learned. Take a plastic fork, break the two inner tines and use it to dip your cracker!

Before the white chocolate dries and hardens, sprinkle some sprinkles over them.


And ba-da-bing! Quick little holiday snacks to eat or give.


Or do both! Eat some while you package the others up for friends as gifts!



I really feel like this is my cue to tell you all to add Lesley's blog to your google readers ASAP. She blogs amazing recipes all the time. And has cute daughters. And is a really talented designer. And sends awesome mugs.


  1. YUM and super cute, too!
    making these asap.

    and that mug. THE best.

    love both of y'all! xo

  2. Yum-o! I need to whip these up.

    That mug is too much! I love it.

  3. The print you received is beautiful. I took a look at her Etsy shop and I fell in love with the "Not All Who Wander Are Lost" print...but now that I look closer I'm liking all of the chalk prints!

  4. Where did you find that mug, Lesley? I can't even tell you how much I need it! :)

  5. These look really good. Makes me wish i liked Nutella.

  6. fantastic mug.
    just today i felt the lord prompt me to buy almond bark at the store, without knowing why. now i do.
    thank you lord.

  7. That mug is so great!

    These look delicious!

  8. Almond bark intimidates me and I don't really know why. Mostly because you have to go to a fancy store in our area to buy it. But I like it better than Wilton's. So... I might have to try this.

  9. I love visiting your blog!! You always have such cute ideas to share and tonight oh my. I really with I had almond bark right now!!

  10. These look YUMMY!!! I love normal ritzies & make them every December. I will have to try these out!

  11. oh my...nutella + almond bark...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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