Sunday, December 16, 2012

weekend sevens.

hellooooooooooo everyone. this is my last weekend sevens of 2012. what.a.year. so much has happened!
maybe we should stick to this weekend first, huh?

1. started wrapping presents finally. finally. keeping it sweet & simple this year.
transformers was on tv while i watched. have any of you seen that movie? such a good movie.
i want to own all 3. 

2. my close friend bought me people water for christmas.
if you watched emily & jeF this past summer, then you know what people water is.
i feel honored to have this in my possession. i would tag jeF on instagram, but i feel that he would not respond & then i'll look lame.
i mean, being excited about people water is NOT lame in itself at all.

also...who out there is watching sean's season? i am undecided. like 85% no, 15% yes. persuade me.

3. straight up gangsta with that one leg up. he threw up signs all day.

4. love my girl and her curly hair.

5. bought some red cords a few days ago. i like them.

6. my kids are sick. so much whining. but i will never take that whining for granted again.

7. dear yoda. i do not know much about you. but i know you are the best christmas lawn ornament i have ever seen. you live down the street from us and i'm nervous my husband will steal you. love, katy.

i also took a picture of a hamburger that i was eating to show you how i choose to eat my hamburgers & sandwiches. i like to eat them in an extremely straight line. i am sort of anal about it. but then i remembered how much i hate pictures of half-eaten food because they make me want to vom. so i refrained.

i will end with this. i am not sure that i've ever been so emotional over something that has happened in our country before. and i know that people have been talking about the newtown situation non-stop since it's happened and i've refrained because of lack of words. i do not want to be insensitive to those that have lost their loved ones. but my heart is so overwhelmed with this ache. and while i have always been excited about heaven, i have never been this excited about heaven. it is times like these that i am so aware that this ugly world is not our home. thank you, Jesus, for that.

lets end on a happy note! the winner for the jolly holiday giveaway is eliza!! email me & i'll get jessica your address. :)

and now you can tell me something about your weekend.


  1. girl i have felt the exact same way. i don't even know how to speak. but the aching hasn't gone away from my heart.

    1. your wrapping is darling. i decided to go the lazy, cheap route this year. i didn't even put bows on them. shame.

    2. i don't know what this is and have never watched the bach.

    3. i really want to hang out with your kids. especially cammie's hair and miles' gangsta signs. i said on ig, i want so badly to sport colored pants. it would be a really bad idea. but i do wear leopard flats.

    5.i've repented a few times for my attitude towards my kids whining.

    6. hey, yoda.

  2. Amen to your words about Newtown. I can't seem to stop getting overwhelmed. Every time I look at my 6 year old son. I am so thankful for him and my younger two, and especially that I have the privilege of homeschooling him.

    And over the weekend we hosted a cousins cookie party for our kids and our nieces and nephews. Lots of sweetness and fun.

  3. A. Your blog is hilarious today. Especially miles gangsta leg
    B. your presents are gonna put mine to shame. They look awes
    C. Yoda is outta control
    D. I feel the same about heaven this week, it's really sad

  4. your gifts are fab to the u to the lous.
    your gifting is a gift.
    also. i do not know anything about this people water biz. is that okay?
    miles is straight thuggin.
    cammies hair is amaze. but her eyes are even MORE amaze.
    your pants. i am a fan.
    i want to be a fan of them on myself. so maybe i need a trip to the old naves.

    happy monday.
    t-minus 4.5 days til splendid christmas break!

  5. it seems so strange to carry on with our lives while others are hurting so bad. praying hard for them. hugging my kids more and thanking God that he is in control.

    love your life.

    can't wait to see you!

  6. loved your 7's and well said. it just breaks your heart.

  7. I feel the same way about heaven.
    I cried the other night because I just wanted so badly to be done with it...all the hurt, the sorrow and the suffering of this world...half of which we don't even know about.

    There will be a day...

  8. I eat all my food from the outside in. Like I eat a sandwich all around the outside until the last bite is the very middle. I do this with seriously everything I eat. Glad I'm not the only crazy one.

    Also, I like you.

  9. I've been kind of behind in catching up on the blogs today! I'm SO excited that I won. I actually figured it out when I got the book in the mail and Josh and I started asking each other if we ordered it.

    Also, Yoda is our most favorite too! Micah had a meltdown last night because he wasn't turned on when we came home. Of all the houses that need to have a timer on their lights, that's the one. I'm actually going to write them a note telling them how much I appreciate it!

  10. i still feel like the abominable snowman is the winner. i'm getting one for my yard next year. but three times bigger.


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