Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a few obsessions.

1. my mama bought me this poster from alexander creative and i love it. can't stop staring at it when i walk in the kids' hallway. perfection at it's finest.

2. i'm loving this arrowhead necklace from hannah's shop. i think it will pair quite nicely with one of my arrow necklaces. cutest little arrowhead i've ever seen.

3. i'm working on this wall. it has a long way to go. letters to be hung. purchases to be received in the mail. new pictures to replace the old ones. but i am inspired & excited to finish it. i just got those flowers from my friend cole's shop & i love them. she makes the best flowers around. pure talent, that girl.

4. scott bought me this print for Christmas. i am in love with it. it appears from this post that i have extremely talented friends. this print is from lesley's shop. in case you're wondering, i'll take one of all her chalkboard prints.

5. and last but not least, this feather print has been in high demand. you know, "birds of a feather stick together." i decided to do an option where you can customize it...for your friends, family, children. you just choose the colors and sizes and leave a note when you purchase it and i'll make it up for you. :) i'm pretty fond of it.

tell me one of your obsessions lately! i can't wait to hear.


  1. um, so much talent up in here.
    you have good friends, i'm glad to be in company with them.

    current obsession. dawson's creek. i might need you to make me a feather print for the cast.

    just kidding.
    but if pacey and i end up together, it's a different story.

  2. Oohing over every last bit. That necklace is perfect! Love that Hannah girl!

  3. uggg i love you first print!

    i don't do birds :) but i do love love love feathers!

    I am really liking golds and anything that glitters :)

    how cute is your little globe?

    p.s. like your new header//

  4. Love that first print! I am obsessed with the Micah 6:8 print that I bought from your shop as a Christmas present for my husband! :)

  5. LOVE the poster, LOVE the chalkboard print, LOVE your feather print.

  6. i think i need the feather print.

  7. Love the feather print!

    I've seen variations of that first print, and I love the idea. I would really love to make my own as a sort of family mission statement of behavior and expectations.

  8. I just bought the feather print yesterday! LOVE it!
    I have been eying the Subway Jesus art too!

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  10. We are necklace twinkies - Hannah is amazing. Such talent in this post - what an honor to be included with all this loveliness! You're the best and love your new header!

  11. That Scott. He hung that picture perfectly in line with the door jam molding didn't he???!!! Whata gem, gotta love him!!

  12. i really need you to come help me spruce up my decor.

  13. I'm pretty crazy about that feather print. I didn't realize you customized them. I just might have to get one ;) Ummm, also, the arrowhead necklace. I love, love, love mine. LOVE!

  14. all of this goodness. love it!
    and you are the sweetest katygirl of all time!!!


  15. those pics of cammie of there are my fave of her so far. THOSE EYES. i can't say in enough.
    and all of your new prints are the bomb dot com. so good.


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