Thursday, January 3, 2013

camden jane :: eight months

dear camden,
remember when you turned eight months and mom forgot?
and then remember when mom remembered and dad said "no way, jose" on taking pictures outside in 30 degree weather?
yeah. we'll catch up when you turn nine months.

the good news is that the only thing that's changed is that i think you gained half a pound.
WOW half a pound, girl! you might actually get to wear all the cute 6 month outfits that are waiting for ya!

you are still little miss sunshine. always smiling & laughing & teasing your big brother.
can't believe how fast it is flying by.

i love you, little.
xoxo, mama

p.s. here's to remembering the nine month shoot. fingers crossed.


  1. oh my goodness.
    that smile.
    that is a real, big girl, grown up smile.
    who knew what 8 months can do for you. :)
    half a pound is paying off! work it girl.

  2. is she really that small?
    teeny tiny cutie cam.
    also, first comment.
    do i get a prize? :D

  3. best girl. happy between eight and nine, cammie babe!

  4. katy, she seriously gets cuter and cuter every month. i'm not even sure how that's possible though! happy 8 months camden jane!! :)

  5. she is just so adorable. i love seeing her sweet face on my insta feed. :)


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