Sunday, January 20, 2013

camden jane :: nine months

camden jane:
i cannot believe you are nine months old!
those nine months flew by, baby girl!

have two teeth and appear to be working on more. (lots of tears, girl.)
will walk any day. i give you to 10 months to figure it out. SLOW DOWN.
are a very independent player. you just do your own thing.
like your daddy to notice you.
want to know where your mommy is all the time.
love your brother tons and tons and tons even though he is a little rough lately.
are about 15 pounds - give or take a few ounces. ;) you are still very tiny.

are delightful.
and easy.
are a smiler. and a laugher.
are pure sunshine to my soul.

cammie girl:
you are loved.