Friday, January 4, 2013

christmas 2012.

whew. the last month or so has been quite a month. so packed full. so busy. so tiring.
and yet, so exciting. we had some really, really good family time over the holidays.
and i have a funny feeling that i'll be playing catch up on this blog for the entire month of january.

but hey, i want these memories for the books. so let's get to it. this post is ALL over the place.

i soaked up every last minute with these 3. we played & played. went to look at christmas lights every night. got ourselves in trouble. rode bikes outside. watched cars & toy story on cold days. drank hot chocolate. stayed up late with scooter & watched law & order in bed. decked the halls.

every once in awhile camden still needs an short nap in the early evening. i love those times because i get to cuddle up with my boy. - my friend lorieloo made this adorable little wooden family of four for me for christmas. i love it so much. - we hung our cards from twine this year & every day miles would ask if he could hang one. so i finally let him & he carried that card around with him & kept rehanging it all day. - and we gave the kids a big trip to disneyland for christmas! yay!

we met santa. it was awesome, as you can tell by my face. freezing cold with a super sick little boy & no socks. but that doesn't stop us. - my mom & sister came to visit for christmas. it was SO FUN. we danced & ate & cooked & laughed. and we all miss them already. - we also met a sketchy mickey. so fun. but just not the real deal. at all.

my mom & sis bought miles a big train table. scott was in all his glory putting it together. - my mom found some socks that my grandma used to wear & busted them out. i'll probably get in trouble for posting this picture of her but why not, you know? - miles just loved all his gifts. he lucked out this year.

i also lucked out. my mom surprised me with adobe illustrator for christmas. i had NO clue it was coming & cried when i opened the package. i am so excited to learn the program. - and my sweet hubs makes my blog into a book every year. it is my favorite present to open every year & i cry each time. i love that we have that treasure for my children.

i am so thankful for my little family of 4. it felt different this year having camden jane with us & finally feeling complete & whole. our family is no where near perfect & we have a lot of craziness in this house but it is perfect to me. i am excited for the future & how the Lord teaches us, grows us, & guides us.

so many more posts to come - disneyland, christmas with scott's family, new things in the shop, more on that awesome blog book & one special birthday boy.

but for now i will say, this Christmas was one of my absolute favorites. i thank the Lord for that.


  1. Your posts always make me smile.

  2. Hi Katy,

    You have such a wonderful family and I love how honest and infectious your love for them comes across in your posts. It's something I really admire about your blog :)

    A New Years Resolution of mine this year is to comment more on blogs that I typically lurk around. (Yup. I'm a lurker... lame I know) So it's nice to meet you :)

    1. hi mandie! thank you so much!! nice to "meet" you too. :)

  3. i feel like your mom should not be embarrassed by those socks. they are amaze.
    also tell me more about this train table. it is SO cool. does it live in your living room? do you and scott play it when miles goes to bed?

  4. What girl in her right mind would post a pic of her mother in jams looking pathetic and hideous???
    Great Christmas full of emotions. The letter Scott wrote each one of us topped it off with lots of tears. Wonderful memories full of love.

  5. Always love your posts. It looks like you has a wonderful Christmas with your sweet family!
    Happy New Year!

  6. What a fun holiday! Love the idea of the little people. My sons love things like that!

  7. so glad you had a great christmas! we got jude a train set a while back and then packed it up b/c he kept throwing but it is back out now, and they love it!

    p.s. i learned design on illustrator first, i love it more than photoshop :)

  8. so much love in these photos. and i'm super excited about you and adobe illustrator. -can't wait to see what magic the two of you create.

  9. Everything sounds so wonderful! Glad you all had a great Christmas :)
    And I just love that your hubby makes your blog into a book. How awesome.

  10. A blog book?! What a great idea!!


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