Tuesday, January 22, 2013

january so far.

blogging appears to be slightly on the back burner.
we've been busy, we've been sick, we've been figuring some things out.
and i feel like there is this long list of things i want to blog about but i don't even know where to begin.
so i'm beginning here. with a picture happy post. and i'll keep trying to catch up. :)

gramps came to visit. bought the kids a tent. that cammie was apparently falling out of.

he played lots with the kids and made us an excellent dinner.

miles can't wait for trash day. this is him saying "oh my! OH MY!"

we've been sick. and teething. and sick. 

this girl's curls crack me up.
her eyes stop me in my tracks.

found the cutest washi tape ever.

little girl has gotten so big with her converse & high chairs.

found these adorable mocs online & had  my sis pick them up. 
can't wait til cammie fits in them.
at the rate we're going, it will probably be next winter.

had a blast with my boy at the park.

wore dots and leopard print to ease the pain of an exceptionally long day.
it is scott's busy season at work right now and he is working some long hours.
and that makes for a tired mama at the end of the day.
but we're making it through.
and God is super gracious to me. 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Your eyes and your baby girls eyes are both track stoppers!
    Love those stinkin moccasins!


  2. pso you've been sick :( praying for a fast and speedy recovery. my husband isn't home on average 3 days a week...i know all about tired.

    you've got some crazy cute kids!

    love the polka dot and leopard prints.

  3. So much great stuff in this post!!! And it's only January!!!

    You have cute kids!

  4. every time i come here it looks different. i love it! seems like life is a big ol' ebb and flow. right now it's sick time and wintry...hope you guys are well and good again soon!!

  5. Polka dot + leopard = perfection.

    Hope you all fell better soon.

  6. I love Cammie's eyes, those shoes, that tape...so much goodness here.

  7. Love the trash truck photo! What is it about kids that age loving them? Haha
    Also, those curls & those blue eyes are so darn cute!
    God is with us on hard days. For sure. And gives us pretty things to help things a bit :)
    And where, oh where did you get that tape??????!!


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