Wednesday, January 23, 2013


on december 26, we all woke up excited.
well, camden wasn't excited know.
but the rest of us were. it was a big day.
we were going to disneyland. 
for 4 nights! our first real vacation as a family of 4.

we were set to leave at 1pm so we could make the 3 hour drive while the kids napped.
as i was packing up our stuff before we went to make a last minute run to target,
i hear scott yell, "OH MY GOSH! OMGOSH OMGOSH OMGOSH!"
i run out to the living room, only to find miles standing over a pile of throw-up.
awesome. maybe it was just everything he ate the day before.

so we go to target. and he threw up all over the place.
we knew we couldn't cancel the reservations so we packed everyone up and headed out.

luckily, we packed towels. we had another incident on the way down. but don't worry. buzz was there to save the day from infinity to beyond. and we weren't gonna let it rain on our parade. good news - it was the 24 hour flu bug & no one else got it, so we headed out the next day.
right away, i had hats made for the kids. it was the one thing i wanted to do. they were too big for both of them so that was cool.
the first day we went to disneyland. let me tell you something about disneyland on december 27: NO. it reached maximum capacity at 11am. we left to go back to the hotel to eat lunch & take a nap. when we came back, we couldn't even walk. this mom had HORRID anxiety. ha! we rode one ride and that was it. it was cra-zy. never again.

but miles got to meet mickey - and this moment goes down as one of my favorite moments of being his mom. he was so thrilled. SO happy. made every anxious moment for the rest of the day worth it. (cammie jane's little outfit is from my sister! loved it.)

the next day we went to california adventure - which had way less traffic and was such a blast. miles seriously watches Cars at least twice a week & talks about "mater & lightning" all the time. he holds the cars in his hands when he watches the movie. so it was so fun to watch his face light up over the new Carsland and all the details they put into it.

we had the time of our lives that day in california adventure. we didn't want to leave!
when i posted a picture to instagram, someone said "you look like you're having more fun than miles!"
the truth is - i haven't had that much fun in a really long time. it is different when you take a kid.
you experience the magic in a whole new way.

but truth be told, the day after we got back, i spent the day looking at this:

the stomach flu hit us big time and i was knocked out for an entire day.

the good news is that at the end of the trip, we traded in our tickets for season passes!

and we've already been back since.
and we can't wait to go back again.

best Christmas present ever.


  1. hooray! well, except for the barf. glad y'all had such fun! the hats. best.
    we went two years ago. first time for all of us! THE best. thirty years old and felt like a kid the entire week!
    next time eg will love it even more...maybe we can go together?

  2. AHHHHHH I love this! We're planning a big California trip when Mason's a bit older. Disneyland is def your happy place.

  3. I am beyond infinity thrilled that you guys got to do this. It makes me want to take the girls even more.

  4. it seriously IS the happiest place on earth!! we took the kids when i was pregnant with sophia. jack turned TWO there. best bday evah! they are asking to go back. we're closer to World now, but we'll see. love that place. hate the flu. glad you're better.

  5. So amazing!!! You are the best mom to remember to get hats made!

    Also, how are you so cute at Disneyland, I look like a litterbox within an hour of arriving!

    I could totally sneak in with Cammie's pass right? #twinsies

  6. So happy you guys had a great time and Miles got to experience. We need to plan a day trip there SOON!

  7. Season tickets are the gift that keeps on giving!

  8. i am so happy you have season passes. the best. i love you. and i love disney. amen.

  9. I LOVE this post and I can't wait to go with you guys!!!! (Scott already asked me, so there.) So fun for you guys!!

  10. JOEY, love this post. and all the pics! xoxoxoxo

  11. JOEY, love this post. and all the pics! xoxoxoxo

  12. I hadn't realized that Miles was sick on the way down. :( I'm so glad it went it away quickly!
    I love that you had hats made for the kids. When we went that was the very first thing Henry wanted to do. It was a proud momma moment for me for sure!

  13. SO fun!
    such cute pictures!
    sorry about all the barf. dang. that SUCKS :l
    but glad you got season passes!! yip to the eeeee!

  14. oh soooo sorry about the barfing. horrid. we went to CA adventure and finn started yacking right before one of the shows and then calvin started puking in line for the bugs life. we had to leave. it was pathetically sad.

    glad you guys rallied and had a blast though:):)

  15. oh what fun! And yeah for season passes!

    p.s. my oldest gets car sick and motion sickness all.the.time. we actually have hosital vomit bags in our car. i feel your pain on the throw up. no fun!


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