Saturday, January 5, 2013

new year's.

nine snapshots from new year's weekend.

my in-laws bought me a keurig to further fuel my caffeine addiction.
i am in love with it. i would fasten it into the seat next to me & take it everywhere i went if i could.

camden jane loves to crawl all over my MIL's coffee table.
she gets so proud.

she makes a baaaaaaaaaaaad day better. ;)

working on some fun things coming to a shop near you.

miles got a SWEET racetrack for christmas. 
makes lots of noise. perfect for him.
awesome gift from my in laws. 

nothing like a gorgeous central valley sunset with an oil derrick in the background.

scott was off for 13 days. we soaked up every second. this girl loves her dad.

i mean, this keurig is changing my life.

chalkboard change for january.
fresh new year.
& a new perspective.


  1. You crack me up! Looks like your Christmas break was quite pleasant. Baby girl is getting so big :(

  2. that's a whole lot of happiness right there.
    happy new year friend!

  3. Okay, that camper print???
    Very rad.
    And your sheep shirt. (Say what???)

  4. I loove our Keurig! My hubby is brewing me a fresh cup as I type. ;)

    that adventure print is so cute! my sister bought me your "i love you more than coffee" print for christmas.

    have a wonderful, beautiful weekend!

  5. This is a happy post. I love that mug too.

  6. I think I need that camper print. Adorable! I hope you plan to offer that in your store??

  7. Love the camper print! Your kids are so cute. :)

  8. If you like Chai Tea, the K Cup version is basically ah-mazing.

  9. Happy New Year Katy!
    Love the link to Scott riding the derrick. Does he work in that industry?

  10. the lamb sweater is to die for...

  11. love it all. what a fancy coffee machine, too.
    i have to say, i'm ready for valentine's day now! :):)

  12. Nothing wrong with an oil derrick for a view! Great picture and sweet sweater your are wearing. Your kids look lovely. Know what you mean by loving your coffee machine. Am a Nespresso girl myself, that brand actually makes travel cases for their machines....

  13. welcome with the k cup klub.
    i want ewe-r sweater.
    i also want to ride an oil derrick when i visit. i had no clue that is what it was called.


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