Thursday, January 10, 2013

ten on ten :: january

a little bit of starbucks blonde veranda to start this day off right.

saying "see ya!" to dad.


finally breakfast for mom at 10am.

we take our train duties very seriously.

"come here, mom!"

dropping off some happy mail.

sunshine after the rain.

packing up some orders.

ahhhhhhh. a little diet coke break. refueling for the rest of the day.

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  1. you know how i feel about diet coke o'clock.

    wish i had celebrated it today.
    this is the longest day EVERRRR.

  2. i want a diet cherry coke!!!

    also, cute teething baby. prayed for y'all today.
    i love happy mail, and i can hardly stand the wait for my fancy new notecards to arrive. holla!

    i love you and your hot to def photo skills.

  3. Loved your pictures! It's always so fun to "see" inside someone's day :) Looks like it was a good day!

  4. I love the Thomas train table. We have quite an extensive network going on the floor, and my boy can name them all by face.

  5. Oh delightful. I especially adore the hand shot. So tender!

  6. i think i see new cute product there that i might have to buy at some point. hhhmmmmm
    love the coffee in a jar. cute.

  7. I love your coffee station. So much.
    Poor Cammie. :(
    The little hand? Too much.
    That diet coke is beautiful.

  8. Ohhh, teething. She's so miserable but it's hard not to smile at such a cutie-pie!
    The hand holding shot is really sweet.
    Beautiful pictures.

  9. i think it's about time i got some happy mail...and we play legos with the same seriousness:)

  10. What a beautiful set! I love the pics about mail the best (love regular mail!!!)...
    Lovely family!!!

    Kisses and blessings.
    (from Brazil - also participating!)

  11. Lovely set - looks like a great day with your littles!

  12. Poor Cammie Jane. I feel your pain...Luke is teething also. No fun. His bottom 2 teeth popped through last week. He has been miserable! Yay for orders, love your new notecards!
    Glad you had a good 10th!

  13. Love it all (I think I always say that). I hope that girlie's tooth breaks through Ahh, the train days...loved them. I think mail is officially my favorite.

  14. Loved your pictures! I love checking out everyone's day and getting a little glimpse in it!

  15. I love your "eye" for "i love coffee " :)

  16. Your blog is so cute! Love all the colors.


  17. i miss diet coke. also. i'm waiting for an epic disney post.

  18. Your kids are toooo cute. :) Lovely, lovely set!

    p.s. I love your new(?) blog header. You're amazing at design.

  19. so fun!!! and i am loving all your new items in your store!!! be ready for a purchase from me!!! :)

  20. eeek! have i told you lately that you're my favorite designer?? i even got my friends hooked on ya! also? i love your life. so sweet.


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