Monday, January 7, 2013

thirty four.

today scooter turns the big 3-4. so i thought i'd do a little tribute here on this blog. here are 34 things you may or may not know about scottyboy.

1. scott is an amazing story teller. the noise effects are absolutely spot on. i have never heard anyone tell a story like him. the best thing about his stories is that they always change. every time he tells one, it gets bigger & better than the time before.

2. he loves star wars. when i met him my sophomore year in college, he was a senior, and he had star wars ships hanging from his ceiling. i feel bad for talking about this on the blog, but it needed to be said.

3. scott is a dreamer. always dreaming about things in life. for his kids, for his family, his job, his relationships. it is very contagious.

4. scott's world in high school was football. but he also was a drummer in the school band. [nerd alert!] and so during game days, he would play football and then rush to get in his band uniform & do his drum thing during half-time & then rush back to change into his football gear. i will show you a picture sometime.

5. scott hates conflict. like really, really hates it. avoids it. & has gotten so much better at working it out.

6. he wants everyone to know Jesus like he knows Jesus. it puts an ache in his heart when he wants someone close to him to meet the Lord.

7. scott is a horrible driver. and by horrible, i mean, one of the worst drivers i've ever known. that is all.

8. sometimes my girlfriends & i watch bachelor together. and scott is always confined to the bedroom. but it never fails...he sneaks his way out to the living room & starts asking questions. pretending like he's not interested but always wanting to know exactly who is who & what is what.

9. scott loves to laugh at his own jokes. i mean, he thinks he is SUPER funny. (he is, but it is even more funny that he thinks so.) and on top of that, when he sees that someone else is laughing at something he has said or done, he continues to say it because he thinks it will produce more laughs. to which i continually say, "you shoulda stopped while you were ahead."

10. scott knows more about the bible than any other person i am around. it is inspiring to me.

11. he is a really good guitar player.

12. when scott needs to put me in my place, he has no problem doing so. i like this about him.

13. he hates gossip. passionately hates it. he won't say a bad thing about the worst person he knows. so when he does, i trust his judgement immensely.

14. if you think I'M a bad haven't seen scotty. one time at a wedding, he sat down on the ground and pretended he was rowing a boat. yes. yes, that is true.

15. he has very, very long eyelashes that my children both inherited.

16. his favorite food is anything sweet. he gave up sugar for a week last month and i thought he was gonna spaz out.

17. when we went to england to work at the Christian music festival in 2004 (when we got engaged), i was back at the house i was staying at & while he was helping set up, he hit his leg on something & had to get several stitches. he did not tell me until it was over because he forgot.

20. he has a deep desire to grow as a father & a husband. he never wants to stay the same in those two categories. he's always learning & striving to be better.

21. when we were engaged, he wanted to cook me a meal. so he went to albertsons and bought a fried chicken, hawaiian rolls, potato salad, & lettuce with ranch dressing. and that was our dinner. (not one thing was "made." thought that counts. also, it was gross. but still. thought that counts.)

22. scott is a clean freak. like nothing or no one i've ever seen before. i believe he would like this to be my new year's resolution. #nothappening #sorryscooter

23. he is an incredibly hard worker. i don't know many people with the work ethic that scotty has.

24. scott secretly starts listening to Christmas music in october. (sorry for sharing your secret, scott.) i believe scott is part elf. there is no one on this earth that loves Christmas as much as scotty.

25. he is the loudest talker i know. like, the LOUDEST. i often flinch. and when he starts telling his stories (refer to number 1), he gets louder and louder and louder. it is CRAZY. so crazy.

26. scott is a very, very loyal friend. he will never leave your side. and will do anything for you.

27. scott likes to help me decorate sometimes. but in all the wrong ways. like, i am not a huge fan of symmetry. and he is a HUGE fan of symmetry. so sometimes he tries to "help" by rearranging. yikes.

28. he takes his responsibility as the leader of this household very seriously. he takes his role as a provider very seriously. it is his main thought every single day - providing for us. sometimes i am not super good at being thankful for this because i enjoy buying things and he enjoys saving. ;) but i know in the long run, he is making really wise decisions.

29. i can beat him any day in poker. he THINKS he's better than me, but the truth is in my wallet.

30. he is the life of the party every where he goes. if he could, he'd be the first person to arrive & the last person to leave. whichhhhhhhhh is the exact opposite of me. but we are good for each other that way.

31. scott has been caught playing with miles' toys after miles is in bed. that is all.

32. he really, really believes in me. he believes in my parenting, in my designing, in anything i want to be or do. he is generally behind me 100% of the way. (i say generally because of that one time i thought i could be a cupcake baker & have my own bakery business from home. so.)

33. i do not know ONE person that does not like scott.

34. and last but really, first - there is no one that has forgiven me like scott has. there is no one that has shown me a better earthly and human example of jesus' forgiveness like scott has. i am daily thankful that he has stayed with me. and that he loves me and is so gracious towards me on an eternal basis.

happy 34th birthday, scottyboy.
you are the best husband for me.
and the best father for miles.
and the best father for camden jane.

and we ALL love you so, so much.


  1. Ever since you told me the row boat story I knew that you had a keeper. This all confirms it.
    Happy birthday, Scotty!

  2. #9 and #25! Haha.. what a sweet post for your husband. I love reading it. Happy Birthday!

  3. I am privileged and proud to call Scott my son-in-law and cannot think of another person better than him to be Katy's husband. I am extremely blessed. There's nobody like Scott, and I love this tribute to him, it's soooo him.


  4. confession, i read this when you posted it. came back to comment now, so as not to be scolded for being awake.

    now. your husband is a (hilarious) treasure! i LOVED reading this sweetness. praise jesus for the blessing of a steady, delightful man. HE IS SO GOOD.

    i love you. enjoy celebrating, fancy family! xo

  5. um. same as hannah above. which i think you know.

    also. please tell scott about rowing the boat.
    it is my gift to him.
    the fact that he is not alone.

  6. I love this so much! What a blessing your man is!

    Happy Birthday!

  7. What a sweet and thoughtful (and hilarious) birthday post! I hope your husband enjoys his birthday!

  8. I am not gonna lie, I maybe got a little emotional reading this. Scott is a blessing to us all! thanks for letting us get to know him. happy b-day to him.

  9. this is cute with a super sweet cherry on top. you both hit the jackpot when you found each other. xo. happy birthday scotty-dawg said in my best randy jackson voice.

  10. What an amazing gift this post is to the love of your life.
    Happy Birthday Scott!!

  11. What a sweet tribute to your husband. I'm not sure I've ever formally met him, but he sounds like an amazing guy. My friend, Misha, told me that he was instrumental in her husband coming to know the Lord- something I know she is eterally grateful for! Also, evidence that #6 is an awesome quality! Hope you both have a great day celebrating!

  12. So nice. You are a blessed woman! As am I :) We are alike in that we both have husbands who have forgiven us when they certainly did not have to. I am grateful every day for the husband God gave me. There is no better man for me...and God know that!

  13. Oh what a sweet post! He sounds like an amazing husband and dad.

  14. this was so, so sweet. i just read every one. can't believe i made it through, buuuuut i did. ;) i like it.

  15. Love this!! So super sweet. Jeff turns 34 next week, cheers to birthday month!

  16. This is adorable what a beautiful tribute!

  17. This is super sweet. Can I pretty-please steal your idea for my hubby? He turns 34 in April and this would be fun, I think! :-)


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