Thursday, January 31, 2013

time for a sale.

it is time for a sale, don't you think?
i have added several new items to the shop.

there is also a sale section now!
and the notecards have been restocked.
and there are still some valentines left & now is the perfect time to buy. (quantities are limited! don't miss out.)

AND...for any order placed during the sale, you will get a FREE 5x7 of this print as a little february gift to you:

perfect for valentine's day - or any day. really sweet reminder.

use the code KATYGIRL20 for 20% off until monday night!
and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 
get to shopping, ya hear?


  1. seriously girl, you are so in my head right now it's creepy!! i JUST got a card in the mail from my mom with that emily dickinson quote. i hung up the card i love it so much!! i think i need a katy original with that quote too. great work, girl! (and my friend LOVED her gift! thank you!)

  2. hi katy,
    you designed my blog awhile ago (that i have since stopped using because i had my 4th child and life is well... busy.) :) anywhoo i really love your designs and art that you are selling on etsy. someday i do hope to buy some for our home! i just thought you should know that your print designs are awesome! :) i will be back to buy, i promise! :)


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