Thursday, February 14, 2013

dear miles.

you got this valentine in the mail today & didn't want to let it out of your sight! even for naptime. 

this morning at 5am, i woke up to the softest little pitter-patter foot steps in our bedroom.
my head barely lifted from the pillow & you whispered "mommy?"
and then you climbed in bed with your blanky & shared my pillow with me.
you were quiet.
and calm.
and peaceful.
and awake as i drifted in & out of that dreamlike sleep.

at one point, you started getting a little restless.
so i calmed you down by rubbing your tummy.
and your head went back down on the pillow next to me.
and you interlocked your fingers with mine.
and laid there quietly while your daddy slept.

it was just you and me.
sharing a pillow.
with interlocked fingers & deep, quiet breathing.
i could have been annoyed that i was woken up two hours before normal.
but really, it goes down as one of my most favorite hours with you.

a little bit later, you stood up on the bed.
shouted "daddy!" at the top of your lungs.
and started scratching your fingernails on the wood headboard.
not a pleasant sound at what was now 6am.

tomorrow, let's sleep until 7am.
but 5am was just fine for today.



  1. Love this!! Little boys are just too sweet :)

  2. oh katy, this is just the sweetest.

  3. Precious precious precious moment. I'm so glad you got to experience that at last. There is nothing like it.

  4. i love him. having a son is the best.

  5. best post i read all day. i love morning snuggles. i like them better after 7 am ok 8 am ... but that never happens :)


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