Tuesday, February 5, 2013


i feel like this blog has seen better days.
we've been so busy & it seems like blogging is kinda the last thing i find time for lately.
just a season, i guess.
there have been some sunshiny days - full of slides & swings, walks & fresh air.
and there have been some hard days - full of tears, "no's", and begging scooter for 5 minutes of peace & quiet.

today though...
i plopped a snack down on camden's high chair.
just went about my business doing who knows what.
and then miles came over.
and instead of pestering her, he gave her an eskimo kiss.
something he just learned how to do.

and luckily, i caught the tail end of it.
the part where she touched her big brother's face.
and her eyes got wide & lit up.
the part where he squealed with joy.
saying "sissy! sissy!"
all while looking into her big blue eyes.

and my heart was so full in that instant.
the crumbs being brushed onto the ground stopped mattering.
so did the schedule & the errands we needed to run.
and the items i still needed to check off my to-do list faded away.
and i just savored those few moments of love shared between the two of them.

i'm sure within seconds he pulled her hair.
or she unknowingly stole his favorite toy.
but i'm so thankful i caught those sweet moments on camera.
i hope they never end between them.


  1. girl, aren't kids the craziest?!they're cute, then naughty, cute, then naughty. glad you caught a cute moment :)

  2. Those moments are the best. Glad you were able to savor it :)

  3. Treasure. Oh my goodness, the treasure.

    God is so good!


  4. thank you for this. i just broke up the 74th fight between the girls and it's not even noon. moments like these make them alllll better. love you.

  5. What a lovely moment. Those are truly the best.

  6. what a moment.
    captured. savored. written down.

    come back to this when you need it. :)
    its a little gift that keeps on giving!

  7. this picture needs to be a canvas 500 feet big. hang on to these glimpses of grace... i've heard they help you through tantrums. : )

  8. so sweet and yeah for you capturing and enjoying the moment!

  9. ....catching up on your blog. I still love it so much, love your insight into the
    daily ups and downs, and the joys of parenting and the ups and downs of
    life...... YOU HAVE THE GIFT OF
    WRITING my friend.....so, even though it may be sporadic, don't quit. You
    really have a talent......and, I enjoy it!!!


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