Sunday, February 3, 2013

seven latelys.

 1. love him.
love his gap.
and his smile.
even on the really hard days.

2. scott bought camden a little valentine outfit.
lots of hearts, guys. lots of them.
but i can't think of anything sweeter from that guy.

 3. lots of pretty skies lately.
always helps me keep a strong perspective.
on a bad day, the good news is that tomorrow is new.
with new mercies.

 4. speaking of new & fresh,
i added a little pen and paint action to my collage wall.
in the buttercup yellow frame towards the left.
it might be one of my new favorite prints.

5. he's gotta lot of joy, that boy.
can't be contained.
good for my heart.

6. superbowl sunday.
highly anticipated due to the niners playing.
extremely stressful in this household.
lots of yells.
lots of screams.
lots of squeals for joy.
and then lots of hopes shut down.
camden & i hid in a corner playing games on my iphone due to the anxiety.
niners had a good run.
wish they could have won, but there is always next year.
and next year is fresh with no mistakes in it, right?

7. don't forget today is the last day for the sale!
every purchase will receive the above print free!
enter KATYGIRL20 at checkout for 20% off.


  1. Love her little heart leggings! I want some in my size. :) Also love your BANGS!! Lookin' great girl!

  2. there is a lot of ding dang happiness going on right here.
    so much.
    it's a good place to start a monday. :)

  3. what's the be here now print? love it! also, one of your prints is on my blog today :)

  4. your bangs are killer.
    and i'm happy to have made it to the wall of fame. seriously.

  5. I'm LOVING your collage wall! it's perfect!

  6. i love you and your kids....your the best mama they could ask for!!!

  7. love the bangs :) jude has gaps like miles ... dentist told me kiddos with gaps are a dentist dream :) lots of room for their big teeth!

  8. I love your collage wall! I want to do one so bad but I just don't know where to start... Can you explain how you accomplished that?


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