Tuesday, February 12, 2013

these two.

camden has a knot the size of a golf ball on her forehead right now.
big brother got a littttttttttttle too rough yesterday when we were playing outside.
it is always something lately with these two.

i don't know how you moms blog. and have a shop. and a family. and cook dinner. and talk on the phone. or text anyone back. or go potty, really.
i can barely keep my head screwed on straight right now.
i wouldn't trade a single thing in my life, but whew! these two keep me on my TOES.

i think having two children 22 months apart is HARD.
and there are some days that i scream in my head "i can't breathe!"
but the thing is that the older camden gets, the more they love hanging out.
and just today, i scooped her up to change her diaper & she started crying because i was taking her away from miles.
i love how she looks at him; i love how he loves on her.
and i know that this stage may be hard now but the rewards will be worth it later.

forgive me if i am super sporadic lately.
it's not you, it's me.
i'm just catching my breath over here.
icing bumps on foreheads & watching this blossoming friendship turn into something i've dreamed of.
i love them.


  1. Mine are 26 months apart and it's the same thing. The bigger she gets, the more he tries to involve her with playing, though he can definitely be rough on her. I look forward to their continued interest in playing with each other, so I can get a little bit of a break in the action!

  2. They are too cute! I always wanted an older brother. They will just have the best relationship when they are older. :) I love it.

  3. my heart is warm. i wish you lived down the street.

  4. yesss, i feel you! Avery and Eliza are 20 months apart. Eliza is the same, like Camden, hates to leave the room Avery is in. Instatears.

    Miles is going to protect her from mean boys, for sure. So great.

  5. they're the cutest.
    nothing quite like having brothers. mine are younger than me, but man. so glad for them in my life.

  6. um where are the zebras, elephants, and rhinos you were going to blog about.
    i'm gonna get my panties or is it panty's in a wad all about it.

  7. ok total confession: i substitute teach art 4 to 5 days a month. if it wasn't for those 45 min. of " plan " time i would never get an email answered or blog. ever.

    i am technically a single parent for 24 hours at a time, 3 days a week. i am so tired by the end of the day... i barely remember to let the dogs outside.lol . like you i wouldn't trade any of. i know i will look back and this busy time and miss it like crazy.

    p.s. how cute are your kids.?

    p.s.s. we just had to put up baby gates at our house too. lyla thinks the stairs are Mt. Everest and she feels the need to conquer it.

  8. Umm trying not to cry. Heart.

  9. ah, the joy of a big brother :P eden seems to have an a egg on her forehead a lot these days too. breathe in. breathe out. at least they are super cute. happy vday friend! miss you!

  10. oh i so relate. just now i ugly cried bc i'm so tired and there is still so much to do that i'm going to ignore until tomorrow. and your post gives me a ton of hope too. my two are 26 months apart and i already catch my little girl watching her big brother in awe and i see him checking in on her and wanting to play with her (today he wacked her with interlocked plastic rings). but i too am looking forward to their friendship. when i was pregnant someone told me i was giving my son the best gift of all... a friend for life. i'm seeing that more and more these days!


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