Tuesday, February 26, 2013

weekend sevens.

1. trying to teach sissygirl how to walk. most of the time he is such a good big brother.
a little too good, actually. like the time today that he lifted her up by her neck. so sweet. so scary. so not my fave.

2. on a friday night drive to get a little ice cream cone, scott turned this song on.
"this song makes me think of you, katy."
ummmmm, thanks?

3. oh you know. just another saturday in "the adventures of taking a picture with your 2-year-old before church." my fave is on the top row, second from the right. all others are being trashed after this blog post.

4. we got to go to disneyland on sunday with our passes.
it was the most fun day we've had there so far.
well, minus it being dapper day where literally 15,000 people dressed up as dappers.
looking so dapperfying.
also i got to see my closie, alisha there. we literally ran into each other.

5. miles gave minnie a kiss on her cheek all on his own.
i would say they are going steady.

6. just a little one on one father/son time. i think scott had more fun than miles by a long shot. shot..hahaha! get it!! that was all by mistake, but oh so good.

7. this girl and her hair. so wild. so free.
and also sometimes not curly anymore, which is devastating to me.

it was such a great weekend. we had so much fun all together. i love times like that.
tell me something about your weekend.


  1. I love your weekend! I love all of the smiles and the evidence of super fun times. My weekend was awesome and I'd like a repeat please...productivity, relaxation and some Girls Night Out time!!!

  2. i like the world you live in. it's a good one.

    also you are tiny.
    the end.

  3. I love this...
    Your trips to Disney, brotherly love, and that baby girls' eyes.
    What the heck is dapper day? So confused.
    Also, I miss you!

  4. is that sunshine? and green grass in your photos? I can't remember what those look like ... I've been trapped inside all winter with kids.lol. yikes. and help! :)

    love the photos of you and miles!

  5. love disney. like super a lot.
    also love your kids. canNOT get over that top pic.


  6. don't know if i ever told you, but i love your smile. it's beautiful :)


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