Thursday, February 21, 2013

what we've been up to.

spoon flicking // sun gazing // garbage truck watching // truck driving // valentine loving // flower buying // airplane making // airplane riding // tractor playing & snail eating.

grammy loving // daddy flying // alisha hugging // christie celebrating // wagon pushing // hard hat wearing // messy eating // back seat screaming // new print making.

and now we're extremely sick. lovely.


  1. i have not seen your face in real life in like five days and i am sad.

    sorry you are sick.

    do you want me to bring you over a unicorn to make you feel better?

  2. regarding the back seat screaming: please tell miles to think of it as being chauffered. i LOVE sitting back seat. no joke.

  3. i hope you are all feeling better soon! great pics!

    love miles cardboard airplane! and miss cammie in her leopard pants!

  4. Yay for all that girl time......yuck for sickness! I'll pray right now for you to feel better, k? Have a super weekend!

  5. So sorry that you all are sicky!

    But, not too sorry, because look at all those outside pictures. I'm dying. I didn't walk out of my door for 3 days straight.

  6. that bottom picture of cammi is just my fav.

  7. this is so hilarious and wonderful and i'm praying you feel better soon!

  8. besides the sick part (because that sucks), your life looks fun. :)

  9. love the photo with food in the hair and your mug! hope you feel better soon!


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