Wednesday, March 13, 2013

camden jane :: ten months

dear camden jane:

remember when i failed on your 8 month pictures and then failed at your 10 month pictures.
sorry, sissygirl. part of it was by accident & part of it was on purpose.
i am having serious issues with you turning one so soon.
so tonight i remembered & after bath, i made your dad drag the green chair out into the backyard.
there were toys all over & the sun was setting too fast & you were moving all over the place.
but i got the pics! yay!

some things about you at 10 months:
you want to do everything your brother does. like walk, & eat his food, & play with HIS toys.
you love him so much - your face lights up differently when he is around.
you say "wats dat" all day long. and when anyone's face shows up on facetime, you say "hi" in a really sweet little voice.
you wave a lot. and clapping is your favorite thing to do.

you also have a little look you give me now. that look is gonna get you in trouble, girl.
it says "i'll do my own thing, mommy" when i say "no-no, sissygirl."
and then you smile - like i am gonna let you get away with it.
i am in for it.
and also - you don't let your brother get away with ANYthing.
no hitting, no kicking, no stealing anything from you. you let him KNOW he has upset you.

mostly, though, you are the easiest little delight so far.
and you & your brother bring so much joy to our lives.
and while i am sad that month 11 is right around the corner, watching you grow is one of the highlights of my life.

i love you, little.


  1. well, well, well, isn't she growing. :)
    can she not be SO stinking cute trying to escape the chair?!?

    i want her to facetime me please.

  2. She's gonna be a heartbreaker for sure! Between her and her brother, I don't think the teen years will be much fun for you or Scott. ;-)

  3. the second one- those eyelashes! what a beauty.

  4. awwww seriously sweet post to your girl :) why do they have to grow up so fast?!!! she is beautiful!


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