Monday, March 18, 2013

he breaks your chains.

i remember waking up awhile back. i remember thinking, "it can be a better day today."
i got dressed, i curled my hair, i put on makeup for the first time in 2 weeks.
i had made some huge mistakes - life changing ones. & i felt this weight on my shoulders - like, "how am i gonna make it through this?" 
i felt hopeless, and lost, and so much weariness in my soul. i felt ashamed. and i felt so alone. so very alone.

i remember after i got ready for the day, i looked around the room completely unsure of what to do next.
so i got back into bed and shivered like a drug addict in rehab just so lost with no clue how to get out of this slump i was in.
i remember calling my mom and telling her in a moment of desperation, "i just want to die."
i didn't really want to die. i wasn't suicidal. i just didn't want to go on in this state i was in. 
i was miserable. 

and somehow i realized that the only way i could physically & emotionally make it was to call on Jesus.
i mean, physically call out his name. 
i had grown so far from him - i had turned my back on him in so many ways.
i had no idea how to pray anymore.
so the only thing i knew how to say was his name, "JESUS" over & over & over again.

i was bound to the guilt. to the shame. to the hopelessness i felt. literally bound to it.
the chains that weighed me down felt so heavy all day & night.
and each time i called his name - i felt lighter. i felt a glimmer of hope. i felt an ounce of freedom.
i knew that he was there. that he was holding me & guiding me. that he had forgiven me & was restoring me.
and that he was breaking my chains.

and chains are different.
most of my chains are from insecurity.
insecurity in the way i look, in the way i dress, in the way i parent, in the way i cook.
the list goes on and on. it is my biggest struggle.
i mean, these insecurities could suffocate me on any given day if i let them.

and i think about the chains that are in the lives of people around me - people i'm close to:
financial difficulties
having an affair
thinking about having an affair
recovering from an affair
death of a child
death of a loved one

heavy chains. so very heavy. that list could cause anyone to give up and walk away from it all.

and then i heard this song a few weeks ago.
the words stopped me in my tracks - the kind of words that give you a lump in your throat just thinking about them.
they are TRUTH. they are LOVE. they are HOPE.

they say that JESUS breaks every CHAIN just by the power in his name. by the name of Jesus!
if you haven't heard this song, i encourage you to listen to it.
it has changed me. it has healed something in me that needed to be healed.

and because sitting at the computer and designing something is so therapeutic to me, i did.
i thought about those words for a few weeks & what they've meant to me.
and i sat down and created.

i firmly believe these words are for everyone.
wherever you are at in your life - i believe whatever chains that are binding you can be broken by the power of Jesus' name.

he will free you.

the print can be found here.


  1. This brings tears to my eyes- you are so right! Thank you for sharing.

  2. I needed this. Thank you for sharing your heart and His power!

  3. Really neat babe, thanks for taking the time to write and bless today. ~Your Mama

  4. Holy moly, I LOVE that song and LOVE that print!!

  5. Oh Katy, this post is so honest and wonderful. ever since i was a little girl my mom would tell me all i had to do when i was at a loss for words was say Jesus' name and he already knew the rest. it is so awesome that there is SO much power in one five letter word, His name.
    thank you for this today!

    p.s. great print, but please stop (don't) ;) soon my house will be floor to ceiling with katygirl designs.

  6. playing on repeat. first time i heard this song was today. right here.
    which is just the day i need it.
    love you.
    thanks for sharing this, i think God is using you and your work in more ways than you know.

  7. Tears welling up in my eyes and a big old God lump in my throat. I've been struggling for so long with the same feelings. Not sure how to get "free" from it. Thank you for your honestly. It's comforting to know that I'm not alone in it. I'm so over feeling like "tomorrow will be different". Again thank you so much!!!!

  8. so good. i love when you write, katy!

  9. we sing this song in chapel at my university. it's always right when i need it.
    glad that Jesus carried you through a difficult time, katy. audibly calling out his name can seem to be our most desperate effort, when in reality it is what brings him SO much glory.

  10. Thank you for sharing your struggles so openly! You are so creative and touch so many people through both your words and your amazing prints! :)

  11. this post made me cry. Jesus is so good. and this print is amazing. as are you.

  12. Amen. My momma taught me to just say His name over and over anytime I didn't know that to say... it still helps. Love you.

  13. You are beautiful. I get a sense of how much Jesus freed and is freeing me from when I listen to this song, too. I found your blog through Joy's Hope and am so glad I did:) When I am scared or feel alone, my phrase is I trust you Jesus. And like you, I just say it over and over.

    Thanks for sharing what is on your heart.


  14. I have been in that place. I hear you 100%. I am SO glad you posted this literally changed my life several years ago. I was going through an extremely difficult time in college and played this song with our worship band, and it was on stage that the actual words sunk in and hit me so hard I lost it. It's been such a powerful song for me ever since. I even listened to it on the way to work this morning :) Only Jesus can break those chains. He is so, so good. Nothing else matters.

    And now I might have to go order that print :)

  15. there is power in the name of Jesus! amen and amen my friend!

  16. I have chills reading this. So much redemption and healing here. You are brave and wonderful for sharing your heart and art.

    "they are TRUTH. they are LOVE. they are HOPE."

    Exactly who Jesus says He is. He is the only way!

  17. so beautifully said katy. love you.

  18. amen. thanks for sharing your heart today!


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