Monday, March 11, 2013

some things i have learned.

if you remember correctly, i wrote a blog post in january about my goal for this year :: learning.

and i have learned quite a bit in the last 2 and a half months. a lot more than i thought i would. some fun lessons to learn, some not-so-fun lessons to learn. i thought i'd share a few of those lessons with you.

1. little boys like to put things in their ears & nostrils. i had to sterilize my tweezers because i pulled a cheerio out of a nostril & cotton out of an ear drum. i have learned that my boy is a champion potty trainer. anything for a mickey sticker, right? i have also learned that my little dude thinks slamming the back door on his sister's pinky is just hi-lar-i-ous. but that same big brother makes absolute sure that everyone that says hi to him says hi to his little sissygirl too.

2. my little girl might have the sweetest little smile & wear tutus and bows all the times but she likes to eat snails & dirt & her poop smells worse than miles' ever did. i have learned that this girl is sweeter than honey - but she absolutely hates when her big brother takes her toy away - and that back will arch so fast and her scream will be so high-pitched that you won't even know what hit you.

3. when you really put your heart & soul & determination into something, you can do it. such as parenting, disciplining, weight loss, etsy shops, relationship with your husband, and most importantly, relationship with the Lord. none of the above things mentioned have been easy or quick for me to do over the last 3 months, but i have seen improvement & my hard work is slowly starting to pay off.

4. for me personally, i have learned that putting down my phone or walking away from the computer makes a world of difference in my mothering and as a wife. it means getting down on the floor & building legos with miles. it means giving camden a bottle distraction free. it means sitting down with scott at the end of the day and watching our favorite tv show instead of sitting at my desk in another room.

5. i have learned that for me personally, i function better & my kids and husband are happier when i honor them in these ways. i took february off from any custom orders (such as custom prints, invites, announcements, etc.) and it relieved a lot of stress from me. i felt relaxed at the end of the day & scott wasn't coming in the room asking when i'd be done working.

and for awhile, i felt guilty. i felt guilty that i wasn't commenting on blog posts all the time & i felt guilty that moments with my children & husband & the Lord weren't being documented on my blog (which gets transferred to a book every year). i felt guilty that i was turning down custom work; i felt guilty that i wasn't as timely at returning texts or emails. 

but now, i have realized that it is okay. it is a season. and i envy the moms who can keep up with everything like blogging on a daily basis & designing elaborate invites for people every night. i wish i could be like you! but i am not. i have two small little children (& a very hard-working husband) who need their mama (& wife) to be a lot more relaxed than i have been. 

so here is something that i have learned that i am putting into action:
forgive me because i am going to take a longer break from doing custom work in my shop. now...don't get me wrong. my shop will stay open and the prints & cards will be for sale!! i love my shop!! and i'll be adding more prints & cards here and there because i really, really enjoy using my creativity in those ways. and i enjoy packing up pretty prints that will make a wall really happy somewhere. it brings me so much joy to send those orders out! 

but for now, i'm going to take a break from working on custom orders (customized prints, invites, announcments, photo cards, etc.) i have a few extremely talented friends that i can refer you to if you are in need of some design work. and the break won't be forever, just a few months until i can get better organized with my days and feel more rested at the end of them. 

i know that i still have so much to learn and so far to come as a wife & mom. but i also know that the amount that the Lord has taught me in just a few months has honestly freed me to make some much-needed changes in this home of ours. 

this season has been really challenging for me. i feel overwhelmed a lot, i feel lonely sometimes, and i feel inadequate 99% of the time. and a month or so ago, it was a really beautiful day in the middle of a cold week. the sun was shining, birds were chirping, & i packed up the kids in the stroller & we made the 5 minute walk down to the park. and i remember feeling so thankful to the Lord that he gave me that glimpse of spring. because winters can feel so long. so long. and that day was just what we needed to get through the rest of that cold week. it was refreshing and energizing. 

and i feel like that sometimes. i feel like this season of life is LONG. a lot of repetitive routines & words coming out of my mouth. a lot of conversations with children and not a lot of adult ones. a lot of getting to the end of the day so drained that without even noticing you end up watching the train movie you put on for miles an hour before - all by yourself. in some ways, i feel in the middle of a long winter. and some days, a snowed in one. but the Lord gently reminds me that spring is there - it is on it's little ol' way. 

and while i'm learning to soak up every lesson this winter is teaching me, i'm very, very excited for that spring.


  1. i think you are doing the right thing by restoring balance in your life. as women it is hard to try to "do it all" and sometimes the best thing to do is to reevaluate your priorities. it sounds like you are putting your family first and that is amazing! <3 jo

  2. I appreciate your honesty throughout this post.
    I just wanted to tell you (although I'm sure you've heard it before) that this season you are in will not last as long as you feel it may last. I was a stay at home mom to my 2 for 8 years. Those days were soooooooo long. Going to the park with no other adults is not always fun. Rarely having a break from the cleaning, cooking, tending, can be sooooooo draining. All of that to say that my 2 are now nearly 10 & 11 (the double digits kill me :( ) and I can not figure out how we got here so fast. It will happen before you know it, probably before you're ready for it (although I know it can seem like something to look forward to now), and while my 2 still need me in many ways it's not the same as when we were 24/7 companions. Obvs I only know you from this blog and your super rad shop, but you seem like a really great momma, wife, and gal - so keep up the good work!

  3. girl, you are LEARNING.
    and believe it or not also TEACHING. :)
    thanks for sharing your heart.
    and you go be as present as you need to be! :)

  4. Yes! This has been so much of what's been on my heart lately as well. I recently turned off notifications on my phone, and it's amazing how much less time I spend scrolling through IG and Facebook, and how I'm more present with my kids. It's opened more time for prayer throughout the day too--imagine that! haha.
    It's so great to know we as mothers are not alone in this. :) Thanks for sharing your heart!

  5. I cannot tell you how much I have been blessed by reading your blog. Your transparency is beautiful and I find myself feeling a little less alone in this tough season by reading your words. I find myself struggling to be a mama so often and I am learning that this struggle primarily points to the selfishness of my heart, which is a complete ouch statement for me. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  6. for some reason your last few paragraphs reminded me of bambi & spring & being twitterpated :) no? i'm happy you're finding your way. i've missed reading blogs, too, but backing off has been so good for me & my family & my heart <3 it's hard to find a balance, & even harder to trust that God knows what he's doing when he pulls at those strings. did any of that make sense? it did in my head. love you girl. miss you!

  7. oh my gosh, katy. thank you. loved it all.

  8. yes! i loved # 3 and #4 ... ok i liked all of them :) I think it was you who told me blogging isn't about commenting ;) I think you have your priorities perfectly straight!!


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