Sunday, March 17, 2013

weekend sevens.

1. it was a long two weeks.
the cold of all colds.
three teeth coming in at once.
a few accidents.
not a lot of sleep.

and glorious sunshine.
short sleeved shirts.
green grass.
fresh air.
lemons in my water.
& chewed straws as someone so kindly pointed out to me on instagram.

2. scotty surprised me on wednesday and told me he was taking the next two days off.
work has been BUSY & he is entering another busy month or two.
and we have a lot on our calendar for the next few months.
so we skipped town for thursday and went to disneyland & ikea.
it was fantastic.

3. miles met buzz for the first time.
he has waited and asked for this moment since december.
i'm so glad the lady behind us was so involved.

4. some little girl is sneaking into every corner of this house.
stop it.

5. my hubs was such a worker bee this weekend.
doing house projects all over the place!
we moved around some furniture to give our living room area a little update.
i am excited about all of the possibilities.
and it looks like he has a little helper.

6. scott also made us a picnic table.
and added our initials.

7. and i had a blast starting my new space.
i have lots of ideas.
i'm sure you'll be seeing them around.

and now we start the week over again.
i love fresh starts.

tell me one thing about your weekend.


  1. chewed plastic straws > unchewed paper straws.

    scott look's very focused.
    did he use the shop vac at all?

    i like your picnic table. i bet a lot of wonderful times will happen there. :)

  2. i love miles' face in the buzz pic.

  3. your house always looks like such an adorable little place, just full of charm. You certainly have a knack for decorating and making it so! :)

    and your kids and their eyes are so cute and lovely.
    and I'm so excited that Miles got to meet Buzz! There's nothing better than when they finally get to meet that one character they love more than all the others. the best. :)

    one thing about my weekend? Bennett is hardcore teething too so I literally didn't sleep. (teething is soooooo fun, isn't it?!?)

    one GOOD thing about my weekend was a sweet afternoon at the park with friends and family, celebrating miss Rosalie's birthday in the amazing weather. That was happy and delightful. :)

  4. I'm crazy about each of these.
    For real That little beverage nook thing is a.door.bell.
    Cutie re-design too.

  5. i love worker bee husbands! it's just awesome! your new space is sleek and very inspiring and i love your little that weird? :)

  6. I love her little leggings! Too cute! Your family is just adorable. :)

  7. I need to know where you relocated the yellow hutch. Also, I'm glad Miles met Buzz. It's a big deal. Happy Easter, friend. Love you.


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