Friday, April 5, 2013

camden jane :: eleven months

dear camden jane,
someone turned 11 months 2 weeks ago and once again, i've failed as a mother.
the good news, though, is that there is only one more photo shoot left.
i won't forget that one.
the bad news is that i am extremely sad about it.

you have quite the personality, little miss camden.
so far, you are a lot like your mama.
you are very, very shy when you walk in a room.
you like to know where i am allllll the time.
[don't ever stop wanting me around, littles.]
and you are reserved. maybe a little timid.
then when you warm up to people, you really like them.
you will smile and babble for hours with them.

you have 6 teeth and a few on their way.
you weigh 17 lbs.
your new favorite thing to do is take 5 steps.
you get so proud of yourself! as you should be.
and you look around the room for recognition.
your brother gets SO proud of you.
you are gonna full-blown walk soon, girl!
what am i gonna do?!
and you talk. you say hi, and wat's dat, mama, dada, and i've even heard you say bye.
your brother wants you to say his name SO BAD!

 this is how you were for most of these pictures. ay yi yi!

i think you are so beautiful, cammie jane.
only two more weeks until you're one.
i simply cannot believe it.

i love you.


  1. she is adorable!!! I loved what you wrote about her wanting to know where you are at all times ... so very very sweet!!

    p.s. love her bow!

  2. can't even handle her. love that pink skirt!!!
    you are a blessed mama xo

    i love you, katy!

  3. She is going to be 1 in TWO WEEKS? I cannot even handle that. Can't believe it.
    She is too cute. I love your monthly pics of her on the green chair :)

  4. i am so sad she's almost one. she is beautiful & perfect in every way. tell her to say kirra too.

  5. two more weeks?! say it aint so.

  6. hi cutest girl i know.
    please dont turn 1 yet.
    it's not fair to mama.

    also, i think you should invite snoop to your birthday party.
    he might bring awesome favors.

  7. what a cutie! children shouldn't grow up. i can't handle my girl is going to be 5 months on wednesday. it's SURREAL.


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