Saturday, April 20, 2013

camden jane :: twelve months

sweet cammie jane,
happy first birthday, sunshine girl!
you have lit up each of our lives.
you have the sweetest little voice & the cutest little walk.
you have pretty, long eyelashes & gorgeous blue eyes.
and you are still a tiny little peanut.

you are shy like your mama.
and in love with your daddy.
and best, best friends with your big brother.
and you are attached to my hip.
and you complete this family in ways i wasn't prepared for.

camden jane,
you have your whole life ahead of you.
and i am still dreaming big for you.

we love you so much, cammie girl.
happy, happy first birthday.


  1. Happy happy birthday to your beautiful baby girl!

  2. These are the sweetest photos. I cannot believe it's been a year. Happy Birthday Cammie Girl!!!!!! Hope you had fun with Minnie today!!!! xoxoxo

  3. she is such a gem and a delight! happy birthday, sweet baby girl.

    miss lorieloo did a fantastic job!

  4. camden jane, what a full year of life you have had. :)
    you are beautiful and full of joy. :)
    what a blessing it is to have your sweet big brother and loving mama and dad.
    happiest birthday wishes to you, sweet thang.

  5. this made me tear up a little, not gonna lie. i love her big round eyes, & her sweet, pokey outty ears. she is so adorable! what a great year with cammie jane added to it :) i've loved watching her grow on this blog. i WILL meet her one day soon. please? love her! happy birthday from your online bff, eden ;) these pics are so beautiful! xo

  6. sweet, sweet, sweet! happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!


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