Tuesday, April 9, 2013

eight is great :: closets

scott and i are celebrating eight years of holy matrimony on april 24.
when we were at the altar getting married, jamey pappas - the man who married us - said,
"i don't know if i've ever met two people more opposite from each other.
it is like pretty in pink meets urban cowboy."

he was right. we are extremely opposite.
and there have been a lot of days where those opposite qualities have been hard for us.
but most of the time, we bring out the best in each other.
and we meet in the middle.
we teach each other stuff.
and we help each other learn to be better at something.

so for the next few weeks, i am going to give you insider info into our craziness.
i'm going to show you 8 ways that we are extremely opposite.
and as i was making the list of things to blog about, i realized that most of the time, scott is better than me at something. haha.
totally true though.

so exhibit 1. our closets.

this is scott's closet.
now, let me tell you something.
scott is on the other side of his computer screen at work cringing because it is "messy" right now.
i guarantee it.
but i am here to tell you, his closet is always extremely perfect.
like, hangers all facing the same way.
shoes all in order on the rack.
jeans in proper stacks.
crazy, lame stuff like that.

this is my closet.
my mom is on the other side of her computer screen hyperventilating.
actually, scott probably is too.
and to be honest, this is only half of it.
it goes on farther and it is a tad crazy back there.
i felt like maybe i would show you the best part of it.
just that small heap on the floor and the crazy, messy hangers and stuff.
that heap on the floor has been there for probably 2 months. 
and sometimes when scott is tired of something in the bedroom, he will pick it up and add it to my heap.
also i am sure half of the shoes that i'm missing are somewhere in there.
countless comments are made weekly about my closet.

scott: please forgive.

there you go, people.
maybe get the plank hanger out of your own eye before you judge me.
i feel like i'm overreacting and being a little harsh.
or as my closie davi would say, "way harsh, tai."
you know. from clueless.

i'm tempted to go clean the heap right now but i probably won't.
you can find me sipping my diet coke.


  1. I'm already looking forward to the next installment. Ken and I are the same, in that we are so different. Even down to how we brush our teeth. And thanks for linking the bible verse, just to make sure you weren't making it up. :)

  2. i need you to know, when i got dressed this morning, i thought "katy would totes approve of this closet"

    no planks, or hangers here.

  3. Take that heap in your closet, times it by 3 and put it at the end of your bed. That's my room. Embarrasing, but true.

  4. i love this idea!
    love the clueless reference, too!

  5. we celebrated 8 last december. and it is so great. and so is this post. as are you.

  6. i'm scott....can we still be friends??

  7. happy almost eight!
    loving this idea, y'all are too cute.

  8. ha ha! in the words of paula abdul "opposites attract"

    acknowledging a problem is the first step to a clean closet or something like that. at least that's what my husband tells me. do they not realize we are busy being wives and mothers who has time to keep things tidy?

  9. If it's any encouragement, my husband and I are exact opposites too. Like "I can't believe this works but I'm eternally grateful I married someone so different" different. Sometimes it makes you crazy. Other times it's crazy that it works so well. I love knowing other couples are like this! And my closet is a wreck, too. And my desk. And any space that I care for that belongs to me alone. To each their own! Looking forward to more opposites!

  10. haha. it was actually Mrs. Priss(http://mrspriss.com/) who 1st reminded me of that quote from Clueless...;)

    my closet is SO not m. stew(martha stewart) and it drives me crazy that i will never have the time/money/ambition to make it so.

    ah well. time to make meat loaf!

  11. LOVE! I love the idea of showing ways y'all are different. LOVE love love love love!


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