Thursday, April 18, 2013

eight is great :: music, movies, & tv

basically, scooter and i come from opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to anything media related.
usually when i get into his car after he's been at work, the music is blaring the loudest, weirdest stuff i've ever heard.
i get carsick instantly and need fresh air.
i mean, maybe he feels that way about me, but how can you feel that way about carrie underwood, you know?
let's discuss.

exhibit a :: favorite musicians

these are scotty's faves.
i cannot handle them.
RHCP are okay in one song.
but the rest - omgosh - migraine immediately.

these are my favorites.
normal, uplifting music.
GOOD music.
ok, bruno does have one or two questionable songs & taylor serial dates, but we all have weaknesses.
p.s. i felt embarrassed to put mariah carey's "rainbow" cd on here but then felt guilty that i left her off.
but let's just say that for the record, that cd is my all time favorite. i know. I KNOW.

where we meet in the middle:

exhibit b :: tv shows

scott's favorite tv shows.
i wasn't allowed to watch simpsons growing up.
and i still feel guilty if its on in the room.
i liked lost for the first few seasons and then it was boring.
i DO love seinfeld, but not like scott does.
EVERYTHING in scott's life relates to an episode.
i mean, there have been heated discussions and he has quoted seinfeld. so.
i just feel like we're on different pages with it.

these shows are my absolute favorites.
other than big brother, i have not missed a single episode of them.
scott sorta likes arrested development, but he is not attached to the characters like i am.
he can't quote it like i can.
he doesn't know tobias like i do.

where we meet in the middle::

we love this show. we've seen every single episode.

exhibit c :: movies.

now, this is ONE of scott's favorite movies.
i know, right? you've never heard of it.
you are not missing ONE thing.
it is a horrid movie.
not funny, not christmas-y, not anything.
it is a horrible movie.

mine, on the other hand, i mean, this is the best movie of all time!
i mean, crawl the mighty warrior KING, people!
i love you benjamin, but i don't have to like you right now.
frost yourself.

unfortunately, we both fall asleep in each other's faves.

we DO meet in the middle here though ::

what about you? what are your favorites? do you and your boyfriend/husband/family agree or disagree?

also, please tell me your favorite quote from either seinfeld, arrested development, or how to lose a guy.
thank you and goodnight.
one and for all.


  1. Ok, a few comments here:

    1) Switchfoot and U2 are my favorites and you love them too!!!

    2) About the comment on Scrooged,
    It is VERY funny, Full of Christmas spirit, and you will cry at the end when Bill Murray goes on his rant about finally being alive. It is amazing!

  2. A. Katy, you are hilarious
    B. Scotland, thank you for defending yourself, don't let her do you like that.
    C. I can't remember the exact quote in OUR (Camozzi girls) favorite movie but it's when they're playing cards with his family and Matthew says BULL____. I think that's how it goes. Let's watch together next weekend! And make Scott sit thru it with us. (I'll bring some Sees for him to inhale while we're watching.)

  3. "YOU KILLED OUR LOVE FERN?!" Haha, this post makes me laugh. My husband and I tend to differ too...and he and his family love Scrooged, I'm not sure I get it either. When we first started dating he knew I loved country music (which he wouldn't even classify as 'music') and I found out one day he'd programmed a country station in his car and said if it was something I loved he'd give it a try! So - I thought I'd try too...Linkin Park isn't THAT bad. ;-)

  4. oh, crawl the warrior king is the best for sure. l o v e that movie.
    ryan and i are pretty close with our show/movie/music choices with a few differences.
    we love watching crime solving drama shows way too much. but then he likes to watch waaay too many hunting shows and i'm in love with the rachel zoe project. "it's everything"

  5. oh, and the simpsons was NOT allowed when i was growing up either:)

    1. me neither!!!!

      but we were allowed to watch roseanne.

  6. "So, we're just a couple of white people? Want to go to The Gap?"

  7. Oh mannnn How to Lose a Guy is my absolute fave too!!! Andddd my hubs loves Scrooged. I don't get it. I just don't.

  8. hahahha love!

    my husband is a jock he loves all sports ... and i love books ...we joke that GQ married IQ ;)

  9. hyster. i. cal!
    "it's our LOVE fern!"
    "benny boo boo boo boo booo booo booo!"

  10. Oh my goodness...I love watching Big Brother and How to lose a Guy in 10 days is my favorite :)


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