Sunday, April 14, 2013

eight is great :: stickers & books

today we are going to discuss stickers and books.
now. i have always known that scott loves stickers.
he's had a "sticker bag" since we lived next door to each other in college with all the surf stickers that he's collected.
when we got engaged, he started hinting that he'd like to put some stickers on some of the appliances we registered for.
also, when we got pregnant, scott asked where the stickers would go on the stroller.
i realize that it is hard to believe, being that my closet looks like WW3, but i like my things very neat. stickers anywhere.
clean looking. for example, i have one magnet on the front of my fridge because that's about all i can handle.

so let's look at exhibit A, if you will :: our bibles.

my bible. clean, tidy, looks like new.

scott's bible.
right now he's disappointed that some of them fell off.
i'm not joking, you guys, it was plastered before.
i've always been slightly embarrassed.

THEN...i was sitting here writing this blog post, and realized that i forgot about the most stickered item in the home. so these pictures are hideous and i had to change them to black and white because it is nighttime and there is horrid lighting, but i just really felt like you needed to know the truth.

exhibit B :: "office" chairs
[i am pretending his garage is his at-home office.]

left: my desk chair. bought like that.
right: scott's. literally not one area of that chair is not covered with a sticker.
and perfectly placed, too, if you will.

let's move on.
to evening reading.
we both crawl into bed each night to read before bed.

exhibit A :: the kinds of books scott reads before bed:

exhibit B :: the kinds of books i read before bed:

just so we're clear, here is a side view:

i just can'tttttt really figure out how to wrap that one up.
clearly, it is safe to say that i am smarter by a long shot.

also...if you remember the closet post, i said that scott was probably embarrassed at the state of his closet.
and sure enough, he came home in a rage of panic that people saw hangers out of place.
i mean...i just feel like he is missing out on life, you know?

anyway, have a great day.


  1. that systematic theology book is on our shelf....Caleb's of course...sitting right next to my Harry Potter books. i don't really think there's much more to say.

  2. First of all, Sophie Kinsella rocks. That's all we really need to know here.

  3. i feel like the discorrelation between scott's closet neatness and cluttery stickeriness is kinnnnnnda weird.
    i feel like he is a jekyl and hyde (how the crap do you spell those words)

    also i have read (almost) all of sophie kinsella's books.

    and zero of systematic theology.

    so. you win.

  4. You are hilarious, like mother like daughter.

  5. Hahahahahaha!!! I hate stickers and magnets all over too! I love the spine to spine comparison of your bedtime reading- that's awesome.

    That being said, all of my hangers are in place. Always. Hubs knows the system. We have those dumb wire shelves, so you can fit exactly three plastic hangers in each section. No more than three, no less than three. But I digress...

  6. best post i have read all day. so funny ... glad to see they were manly stickers b/c at first iwas thinking like care bears, Disney you know the kids

    and i like your book choice waayyyyyyy better! :)

  7. Haha! This post made me laugh! I'm with you on the reading material though: RJ - usually Piper or CS Lewis or such; Me: chick-lit. I blame it on the fact my brain is going a million miles an hour during the day and at night I pretty much just want to shut it off and stop thinking.

  8. I'm really disappointed there are no Lisa Frank stickers on that Bible. That is all.


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