Sunday, April 28, 2013

little indian girl.

a few months ago, i started thinking about what i could do for camden's first birthday.
i had just made an invite for my friend's daughter's first birthday party, and i loved her theme.
i love most things with arrows. and i knew my friend lorie had a tepee, so i ran with it.
i had the time of my life planning this party. i loved every second of every detail.

we are lucky to live in a little neighborhood that has a sweet pool & little clubhouse area.
we used it for miles' first birthday party & it worked so perfectly that we used it again.

caught instagramming. :)

i asked scotty to make these 3 little tents. they were super cheap & easy & we were able to give 2 away.
we used this tutorial.

the tepee is lorie's and she made it.

one of my favorite stores on etsy is steph loves ben.
she is seriously the sweetest girl.
i told her what i wanted for camden's party & she worked with me & made exactly what i asked for.
that little cake topper might have stole my heart. ;)

i used this tutorial for the cupcake toppers, but i just used felt instead of paper.
paper probably would have been a million times cheaper & easier, but i bought felt, so i went with felt. :)
plus it matched the banner that steph made for me.

my friend julie found some fabric that went perfectly with the theme.
she offered to make a banner for the party - it was perfect.
we hung it from the columns.
she also gave me the extra fabric to tie to the napkins. i love her for it.

i asked lorieloo to make camden a little headband.
i was not prepared for the amazing-ness that she brought over.
i gasp every time i look at it.

it is REVERSIBLE, friends.
i can't get enough of it. i want one in my own size.

camden really loved her cake.
i had heart palpitations about 5 minutes into it because i was a nervous wreck about all the sugar she was eating so i took it away. haha.
all of the desserts were shamelessly made from boxed mixes.
i bought this little 4 inch cake at vons for six bucks.

miles could be found in the pool the whole day.

one of my closest friends - sarah jane - had a baby girl Charley Jane exactly 3 weeks before i had Cammie Jane.
Sarah is a really special friend to me & i pray that CJ & CJ are friends like we are.

these last few pics are from my phone.
i used this tutorial to make the straw arrows for the favors & the large feathers for the centerpieces.

this party was inspired so much by kelli murray's party for her little girl.
i just changed it to fit our style and budget and colors.
without her blog post, i would have been lost.

and the owl & the 1 was drawn by my dear friend lindsay. i want to frame them.
i told her what i wanted & she ran with it & i couldn't ask for anything more perfect.

most importantly, we loved to celebrate our little girl.
i am so thankful for every last person who helped or sent something or came out to celebrate.
it was a delightful day & she was so happy.

happy first birthday, cammie jane.
you are loved.


  1. Sweetest/cutest/loveliest little gal's 1st birthday. In love with the Indian theme. Too perfect. Also? I'm coming to your pool. Gorg!

  2. Everything turned out so cute. What a happy day.

  3. Yeeessssss!!!! All of these amazing details, beautiful. What a wonderful day of celebrating miss Camden Jane!!!

    This looks like the party of the year! I wish I could have been there,eaten a cupcake and jumped in that pool. And squeezed Mr Miles and Miss CJ too!!!

  4. Love it!!! So much fun! And I love your top as well!

  5. LOVE this! So cute! Cammie has the most beautiful eyes! Sarah and I were in GATE together growing up ;)and she works at the other school in my district (well, is on leave from it).
    My sister's SIL is planning her baby shower, but I just texted her with this theme idea! If she gives the okay, I'll be emailing you for that invite! Hopefully you can play with the colors and make it boy themed.

  6. Seriously adorable!! The Indian/Arrow theme is so perfect for any age!!

  7. I'm sad I missed it. But happy to see pics! So perf.

  8. darling. just darrrrrrling.
    happy 1st, sweet girl! look fabulous :)

  9. Happy Birthday little ONE!
    The party looks amazing. Maybe add party planning to your Etsy shop?:)
    And the headband- wow. that's all I have to say.

    She is blessed to have such a fabulous mommy!


  10. Dude! Will you throw me a birthday party?

    Ok, thanks!

  11. shut.the.front.door.

    job well, well, well, done!!

    Love all the sweet little details!!!

    happy birthday to your sweet daughter!!

  12. every last detail is adorable and perfect!

  13. Happy 1st Birthday to your adorable little girl!! What a cute party...I LOVE everything about it!!
    What a fun mommy you are.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  14. so incredibly sweet. every last detail. :)

  15. everything was sweet and perfect. so happy to celebrate your precious baby girl!

    also, my belly button made an appearance at the party, soooooo that is awkward.

  16. Best party ever. Like way more beautiful than mine. And can we talk about how amazing you look and how perfect your hair is? You've got it going on

  17. TOO SWEET.
    love all the darling details, and your beautiful kiddos. happy ONE, dear CJ! xo

  18. Ummm....this is the cutest theme EVER. I LOVE everything about it!
    Where do I even begin? First of all...your neighborhood clubhouse/pool is gorgeous!
    LOVE all the arrows. The crown? I die of cuteness.
    What a perfect party, GREAT JOB!

  19. oh my gosh! heart hurts that I wasn't there. You are such a good mom!


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