Thursday, April 4, 2013

pintertest kitchen :: april

i'm gonna tell you a little secret.
i've been doing Weight Watchers since january.
i gave myself a goal of 33 pounds to lose.
and i have lost 22. bam.

now...the lessons i've learned and tricks of the trade are for another post.
but the point of this is that i have had to change a LOT of my eating habits.
and by a lot, i mean, all of them.

something i have now learned about myself is that i get a sweet tooth at 2 different times of the day.
the rest of the day, i could care less about cupcakes & candy.
but right after the kids go down for naps and down for the night, i crave anything sweet that i can get my hands on.
it has been good to recognize this about myself.
sometimes i also crave a margarita right around the same time.
but maybe i should keep those thoughts to myself.

so i have been looking for healthy, quick, & satisfying recipes that fulfill that sweet tooth so that i'm not wanting more when i'm done with it.
i went looking on the weight watchers website & found a few recipes that i want to try.

this month i tried the chocolate root beer float.
i'm not a big root beer fan, and i can give or take chocolate, but it looked easy and the froth drew me in like froth tends to do.

now the only thing i did different than the recipe is that i decided to get greek fat free frozen yogurt instead of just regular. there was no change in health value at all, i just like the taste of greek yogurt a lot so i thought i'd try it.

listen, you guys. do this recipe.
so easy. so fast. so light and refreshing. and just the pop of sweetness i needed to satisfy me.
the tiny splash of chocolate gives it a good spin on a reg float.

and you know what else? it feels good to know that it isn't fattening.
i made sure to measure out my portions and felt good about it when i was done.
i call that a successful pintertest.

p.s. this may shock the world, but i got a pinterest. i have no clue what i'm doing. i had to ask my techo friend how to pin something. i had one a few years ago for like 3 months and it has changed drastically since then. so far, i have pinned two things and continually forget my login. i'll let you know my name when i figure it out.

you should too.


  1. ok. this looks GOOD. and i'm so proud of you. you look great, mama. teach me your ways in about 12 months. i see lots of diet root beer floats in my future.

  2. Wait. There's frozen Greek yogurt? I Must try it. And root beer floats and chocolate are two of favorite things, but I have never considered putting them together. Hmm. I'm interested.

  3. Girl, I'm crazy proud of you and totally inspired. And this looks so, so good.

  4. Good for you, Katy! Carry on. I have a life time WW membership. I should probably think about getting it out of storage and practicing again. Thanks for this inspiration!

  5. Wow! Way to go, Katy! Plus, these look delish!

  6. I'm so proud of you. One, for getting Pinterest. Two, for losing so much weight! You are amazing.

  7. First off, way to go!! That's so awesome. Second, it's no secret I crave a good marg every now & then so...let's have one together one day. Third, how have you been doing these Pinter-test posts with no Pinterest?! Last, again, way to go!

  8. Wow!! You go girl, that's amazing!!

  9. Seriously. High five on your 22! Woo hoo!

  10. I'm so excited about this! I crave sweets at the exact same times, too! I can't wait to try this instead of eating ANOTHER Reese's Egg. Why are those things so good??? :) Thanks for sharing!

  11. 3 things:
    1. 22 pounds?!?! You rock!!! So proud of you!
    2. "sometimes i also crave a margarita right around the same time" Yes. Me too. Or wine. Amen.
    3. These rootbeer floats looks amazing. Totally going to try them.

  12. Pinterest secret boards. Where it's at.

  13. i'm priiiiiitty sure i need to make this dessert.
    i also like that i'm your techo friend.
    not to be confused with your techno friend.
    but i feel like i could be that too. :) just let me know when you need dj cuppa in the house.

  14. This sounds so good, and I love a good WW recipe!
    Ps. You go girl!! 22 lb. is an amazing accomplishment!!

  15. First, this looks yummmyyyyyy!!!! Secondly, AWESOME weight loss, Katy! I have fifteen pounds to go to my goal and I've plateaued. Boo. Maybe I need a root beer float to kick-start myself? I'm sure that's it! ;-)


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