Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ten on ten :: april

much-needed-coffee time.

our first set of tantrums time.

let's dump all our toys on the carpet time.

chore time.

putting away stacks of clothes time.

i have never needed a diet coke as bad as this moment time.

nap time.
also known as a breath of fresh air time.

work time.

snack time.

enjoying my new felt flowers time.

today was a long day.
and there were lots of moments where i kinda felt like i was gonna lost my mind.
but you know what?
those are the days where i get to the end of the day and i process through what i can learn.
i've already done that today.
i know i made mistakes with my children today.
but i also know that tomorrow is a new day.
a fresh one.
no mistakes.

i'm linking up with rebekah today!

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  1. i mean, in terms of tantrums, at least you got an awesome pic out of it.
    it's a good one for sure.

    also did you have chick fil a for lunch too? or just DC?

    i can tell that print is going to be a-freaking-mazing.

    and i'm really glad you got those chairs. in that color.

    cammers looks so cute. :)

  2. I think Mr. Miles needs some of your DC. I miss you. And love your pics.

  3. Hugs! I so wish I could pick your brain on two year olds...

  4. Amen. We had a similar day, induced by a teething monster baby. But today is new! Thanks for sharing your real life.

  5. Pretty set! Your little guy doing chore time; too cute!

  6. It always looks so much better in pictures later doesn't it? Reflection makes us thankful.

  7. love your 10 on 10! one of these days i will do this. i am stuck between need coffee and a diet coke time. lol!

  8. yep, mistakes every day. learning every day. I listened to a sermon the other day and the pastor said "raising and discipling children well is hard work. if parents aren't laying down at the end of the night exhausted something isn't right." so we must be doing an amazing job right? cuz i'm super exhausted. love you.

  9. Love your coffee cute. I need to get a fun cup to drink my coffee in.

  10. Your day yesterday sounds like my day today. Wish my girls still napped, they are at eachother today, so I am nursing Luke in my room & said they can't come in. Deep breath. Counting down until bedtime :)

  11. That tantrum photo is priceless!

  12. sometimes i throw fits just like that, miles. i feel ya, buddy.

  13. sorry it was such a long day, but really enjoy seeing these 10 on 10 pictures. :) those felt flowers = adorable!

  14. thank you jesus for new days. and i really want to come hang out with you.

  15. Oh man, Katy.. Tantrums are pretty much standard way of life around here too lately. Its simply amazing what God can teach us about ourselves through such tiny people.

  16. i'm gonna do this one of these days. i've always wanted to. also, you're funny. ha! i like you.

  17. Lovely set of images - love the felt flowers.


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