Tuesday, April 16, 2013

weekend 7's.

1. looked for airplanes with my boy.
i could lay on a blanket with him all day.
unfortunately, he does not feel the same.

2. our friend had a birthday party for her daughter at chuck e cheese, so christie & i played a little skeeball.
i enjoyed it a lot and if there weren't 87 children screaming all at once, i might have stayed and played awhile.

3. finally put together miles' collage wall for his big boy bedroom.
i have a few finishing touches to put together. but i really love it.
prints are from: here, here, here, here, and here.

4. we usually try to go to baja fresh once a week and sit outside and enjoy each other.
it might be my favorite night of the week.

5. popped into oh hello friend's shop & saw a logo i made!
it was such a fun surprise. made my day.

6. my in laws watched my kids for a night so that scott & i could go to disneyland for 2 days.
it was SO good for us to get away.
we rode all the roller coasters that we've been dying to ride but haven't been able to with the kids.
plus, we haven't been away for 2 years.
our anniversary is in a week and a half so it was good to celebrate a little bit.

7. we get WILD on the rides, i tell ya.
p.s. we rode california screamin' 4 times. i could have ridden it like 87.

and now this little doll baby turns one in 4 days.
and we have lots of celebrating to do.


  1. The photo colleague of you two on the rides is AMAZING!

  2. i love your dland faces! baHA! you make some good ones :) i'm also loving your bangs! and your color. girrrrrl! you fine!

    and i can't believe cammie is ONE in 4 days. what the heck. didn't you just call me with the news? like yesterday?

  3. I didn't think it was possible but I swear that Miles to get cuter and cuter. Your tank tops and outdoor eating make me feel like I need to come visit your neck of the woods.

  4. Just saying that i love you and, though i would not change our current season of life with our wonderful kids, I really miss Scott and Katy time. We will be doing more of that for sure. Just look at those pic's on the rides. So much fun!!!

  5. Well Scott's comment just made me all scrunchie nose cry. Crap. Forgot what I was going to say now.

  6. LOVE the photo colleague! Love your decorating and your sweet family. How fun you got away for a few nights.

  7. Whenever I read your posts about Disneyland, I get envious that you live so close! That's quite a blessing (:

  8. loved your 7's ... so nice you got away! happy almost anniversary and happy almost birthday to your girl!


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