Monday, April 22, 2013

weekend 7's.

1. got a birthday girl to celebrate this saturday.
got cupcakes to top, if you will.
well, i mean, i don't have the cupcakes yet.
but i will. on saturday morning.
from a box.

2. last week was a doozy.
two people with strong wills battling it out.
lots of times i didn't win.
lots of days i crawled into bed next to him during nap time praying that God would help me.
i have so much to learn, you guys.

but i said on instagram on friday night....
i am so thankful he forgives and forgets so fast.

3. and then we woke up on saturday morning and little missy girl was ONE!
one WHOLE year!
so she had celebratory waffles.
and a crooked candle.

4. so glad this is our last photo sesh because she's super not into it anymore.
she would rather dig in the dirt and walk away.
but i am so glad i did it because it is so fun to look at all 12 months.
i will post them soon.

5. we headed down to my friend julie's to stay the night before we went to disneyland early the next morning.
she is the best hostess. so hospitable. i learned a lot from her.
thank you, jason & julie!

we both realized we were wearing mint, so we thought we'd take a pic.
scott took 2 and then left the room. but they weren't good enough.
so we set up the self-timer & tried it ourselves.
it was just crazy.

6. and then we headed to disneyland and loved every second.
our favorite day yet. it will be hard to top it.
all smiles, all day.

7. and this is my favorite picture.
she was so happy.
i've waited for her to be happy about the characters.
and this was her time.
she talked and giggled and squealed.
and i loved every second for her.
this needs to be framed.

onesie by my friend cory.

and now we get ready to par-tayyyyyyyy.


  1. i'm just gonna say it, this set of 7 is perfection.

    even the hard stuff. God is using, and not wasting. sanctifying you and your little ones.

    and oh cammie. one whole stinking year.
    amazing. and congrats to you and scott. you have some beautiful kids.

  2. awwwwww fun! love the last photo and the one with you and are sooooo pretty!!

    strong willed. i hear ya. i was spoiled with my oldest.perfect as can be. i think it might be a boy thing.or a jude thing in our house. lol

  3. Not only is she adorable in that last pic but you are too!!! Love the whole outfit girl!! You are one put together mama, even if you don't feel like it all the time. :)

  4. the picture of you and miles is so cute. seriously. look at it all the time it might help during those hard moments. and your red toms and red headband is pretty much amazing.


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