Monday, April 8, 2013

weekend sevens :: san jose edition.

1. this weekend we went up to my mom & sister's to celebrate my sister's birthday.
i get sad sometimes that we live so far away from any family.
but this is where God has us right now. so we have learned to soak up the time we have together.
and facetime. a lot.

2. my mom loves her grandkids. soaks up every second with them.

3. and my sister is such an amazing aunt.
her and miles have something really good going on.
they love each other so much.
i feel like he really brings out the kid in her.
i occasionally say, "listen and obey, kristy & miles."

4. i teach my sister majority of what she knows.
i mean, i'm just being honest.
but there is one thing she really teaches me about :: how to dress.
without her, i'd still be wearing gap overalls.
no offense to any readers out there that wear gap overalls.
omgosh. i sorta feel like this is a good place to stop this convo.

anyway, sister took me shopping on sunday.
it was SO FUN. and we shopped til we dropped.
also in san jose, you have to pay $0.10 for a bag.
by the end of the day, i was carrying jeans out of the store.

5. oops.

6. miles went to john deere heaven on the way home.
he honestly said, "please take another picture!"

7. i have a lot going on for the next few months.
there is something every weekend for at least 10.
maybe more.
and nights are filling up. and the days get busy.
but i love how God finds ways to let us feel his calming presence.
i depend on it. i need it.

i hope you had a great weekend! tell me something fun you did.


  1. You and your sister are adorable! Were you shopping at Santana Row? That's my favorite spot up north : )



  2. Being away from sisters is not my favorite. Miles on the tractors is though.
    Paying for the bag is redonk. Was it so much fun shopping for your new hot bod?

  3. Love reading your blog! I actually pinned your post from last week (?) talking about Miles and his breakdown in the bedroom. I'm saving it for any future parenting experiences I may have! Hope you don't mind :)


  4. I just had a minor wig-out on the phone with cory because our weekends sound a lot like yours. It makes me panic a little. But you're right, "God always finds ways to let us feel his calming presence."

    So glad you had that with your fam!

  5. awwww fun!! i planted veggies this weekend ... i just re-read that and wonder if i am really a 90 year old lady.

    and funny about the overalls :)

  6. i feel like your family is the most beautiful family in the world.
    and i'm really, really, really happy that this was your weekend 7's.
    i'm glad you got some real good quality time with them. :)

    also, two of those weekends better include me.
    please & thank you.

  7. Your sister has always had amazing style! (ps. I too would be trapped in Gap overalls if not for my sister.)

  8. when i was pregnant with my first, all i wore was gap overalls. thank the Lord i didn't live where everybody knew my name.

  9. so glad you had a good weekend away. i love everything about these pics. except the giants.

  10. 2 things...

    -you, your momma, & your sis are gorg!
    -your children make me smile.

    i've missed blogging.

  11. Oh no... keep that convo going. I have one overall buckled and the other not. You scared now? :)


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