Monday, April 1, 2013

weekend sevens.

1. one of my closest friends dropped by the aqua fan on the top shelf.
boy, is that fan a breath of fresh air. fantastic, i tell ya.
i am LOVING my new little space. i have big plans for that top shelf. and i'm excited about it.
so bright and roomy and cheery to me.

2. giants fans are back in the houseeeeeeeee.
orange and black til the next world series, baby.
also after i took this picture, miles posed again and said "just one more pic please."

3. we like navy stripes a lot. [scarf from here.]

4. easter basket time! yay for sugar highs and kids bouncing off walls for an entire 24 hours.

5. love my little family of 4. even when camden is a tired grump and miles wants hot chocolate instead of a family pic.

6. i guess grandpa wants to start him young. what a dear.

7. i see you there hanging on a tree,
you bled and then you died and then you rose again for me.
now you are sitting on your heavenly throne 
and soon we will be coming home.
you're beautiful.

easter brings out the emotions in me.
this girl would be lost without the Lord. my heart has a lot of ugly little corners in it. 
with a gunky past & a strong need for a Savior.
and there are a lot of days that i fail to remember i'd be headed for death if it wasn't for his grace & mercy on my poor soul.
and easter reminds me in such a tangible way that he hung on that cross to forgive every sin i confess on a daily basis.
it is hard to even fathom, but i'm so thankful he calls me his own.

also this was an unedited sunset on saturday night. completely breathtaking. i could not take enough pictures.

p.s. oh my gosh, i'm blogging. maybe april will be a better internet month than march was. 


  1. what a beautiful family photo!! and lovely sun pic ... and ill forgive you for being a giants fan. ;)

  2. i feel like you had an amazing weekend.
    i'm pretty sure that fan had a lot to do with it.

    also, you are pretty much the most beautiful family.

    you look fantabulous.

    and i'm so glad Jesus took you out of the gunky past. Your testimony encourages me!

  3. navy stripes, well anything navy is my favorite. you girls look fab in your stripes. and miles a poser. just you wait girl. 3 is a super fun age. ( he's going to be 3 soon right? )

  4. Your little family is precious! You are one blessed lady! :) I was so emotional on Easter too! Easter is always a great reminder of our everyday gift...I love it!

  5. You are so beautiful. Have a great April!

  6. one of my favorite bloggers back....

  7. I look forward to April:)

    Without God, I would be a mess. A huge, horrible mess. He is too good to me. Love Him so much.


  8. No joke, I was smiling through the whole thing.


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