Thursday, April 11, 2013

what's been happening around here.

finding cool license plates for a special big boy room // saying "i'm sorry" and giving hugs & kisses // making a banner // swinging together // banner was successful // evening bike rides // my closie lorieloo working her magic // gorgeous spring sunsets // love my new pillows from little boston print shoppe on brickyard buffalo

someone's turning one and it's time to craft // a little truth for the week // i got a fun, happy package from a new friend // pretty flowers brightening up my home // love, love, love him // a sweet little indulgence // pomwheels are my new fave // take a chill pill on climbing those trees, homeboy // this girl is attached at the hip with her dad

and a little shop update:

new color added by request :)

new print :: wander in mint

new print :: new light

ahhhhh. it feels so good to be caught up. :)
all prints are back in the shop & i am slowly starting to take custom orders again if you are in need of something.

have a happy day.


  1. your newest print is my fave.

    also. bike by my house every night. popeye will turn on the lights and sirens for scott.

  2. those prints are fantastic. and i love how happy all of your pictures are.

  3. your prints are stunning.
    i'd like more biking pics please and thank you.
    i feel like that is a magical family adventure you are kinda keeping under wraps.
    i'm totally dedicated to biking, so i'd like to know more about this. :)

  4. your new prints are SO GOOD! love them.

  5. You have such a knack for decorating! I need you to design Juliet's big girl room wall. You can pick out all the prints and accents and I'll buy them. ;) You know, since you're all caught up...

  6. I LOVE wonder! Hmmmm... makes my heart smile.

  7. Love your banner!! I really want to try to make on for my daughters room but am not sure I could do it...Your home looks beautiful and inviting.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your new prints!!

  8. aww love the photos and love the new prints .... my husband is a worship leader and i love love love the song break every chain.

    and oh! love the flowers in the bottles! :)

  9. Your new prints look like something that I think needs to be on my wall very soonish!


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