Tuesday, May 21, 2013

a whole lot of HGTV, let me tell you.

last weekend, we had a getaway weekend for scotty's work.
basically every 18 months, they take all the engineers away for a weekend..
the men have a meeting on saturday morning and we all have a fancy dinner on saturday night.
sometimes it is in yosemite, santa cruz, pismo, but this time it was in santa barbara.

we stayed at a fancy, fancy hotel right on the beach.
it was incredible. and so beautiful.

 scott has a really good friend that he works with and over the years i have become good friends with kevin's wife.
on friday night we went out to state street in santa barbara & had dinner at the cutest little italian restaurant.

i decided to splurge this weekend & ordered this phenomenal artichoke heart/shrimp/amazing pizza.
and a lemon drop.
both were excellent choices.
i would love to replay that entire dinner.
we also got a nutella pizza to share for dessert.
however, by that time, not only was i stuffed, but i felt guilty for the splurge, so i had a slice and called it a day.
plus, nutella isn't my fave. i know. I KNOW. i'm the minority.
i just don't like hazelnuts.

saturday morning, scooter woke up & went to his work meeting until noon.
i had big plans for the day. eat breakfast, get ready, go to the pool & lay out & read books.
maybe even meet desirae for some shopping.
and then i turned on HGTV (we don't have cable so this was a TREAT).
and didn't get out of bed until scott called me at noon when the meeting was over.
it was GLORIOUS.
i didn't move for 4 hours.
except moving the fruit from the plate to my mouth.
and brushing the mascara wand onto my eyelashes.

it was so good for us to be away for a few days.
we just had such a good time.

we rode bikes along the ocean & the pier.
went for walks & drives & popped into anthropologie.
drank diet cokes.
i watched HGTV every chance i got.
i'm a new big fan of "love it or list it", you guys.
and have been begging scott for cable ever since.

and saturday night we went to the fancy dinner.
we had so much fun getting all snazzed up.
we played poker & lost.

and we really enjoyed hanging out with our friends.
it was such an enjoyable time.

thank you to my mom who came down for 3 days to watch my kids.
that is a big thing for her to take on by herself but everything was so peaceful when we got back.
when sunday rolled around, i was ready to see my kids again.
but i think it is good to be refreshed like that now & then.
we have a lot of exciting things on the horizon and i am looking forward to all of them.

peace out, santa barbara!
you were GOOD to us.


  1. a few things here:
    you deserved this much needed refreshment.
    confession: i'm not a HUGE nutella fan either. i like it on somethings. but sometimes i prefer straight up chocolate.
    you look stunning: to the max.
    and my favorite thing in life is staying in a hotel bed: all morning long.


  2. You look SO good from all your hard work. Incredible- such an inspiration! I got married in December and we decided not to get cable to save money and to encourage us to spend more time talking and bonding, but man oh man would I like some HGTV. I feel your pain. Haha.

    1. thank you so much for your sweet comment! it made my day. :)

  3. Those kind of weekends are just wonderful. Your pizza looks amazing!

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love, love the black and white dress with the red-orange nails! And a few years ago I accompanied RJ on a work trip without the kids and did the exact same thing when he had a morning meeting - I slept until ten and then continued to lounge in bed for three more hours. It was the best!

  5. Nutella isn't my fave either. Also? You nailed the fancy dinner with your cute self.

  6. looks like such a good time. how nice!
    I don't like nutella and I love "Love it or list it"
    Also you seriously amazing Katy. You are doing so good!

  7. This post makes me so so so happy. Love you guys!

  8. um, your pink pants and that dress! i want. also, lock up in a hotel room with HGTV and i could get real cozy for a real long time. we are cable-less here, too, and i think life is better without it. except the HGTV part. love that you had a sweet weekend on the company! : )

  9. fun...the best part hgtv and not moving for 4 hours...i cant even begin to imagine...i seriously haven't slept past 7:30 in 6 years.

    pretty photos love your dresses

  10. You look so va-va-voomy! So glad you got to escape together.
    You're my kind of vacationer. We should vacationer together sometime and just sit there watching "free" cable! :)

  11. I love that black shirt and those polka dotted pants! Lookin good girl! Glad you 2 got some time away together. :)


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