Tuesday, May 28, 2013

an itch.

i dropped my phone in water last night.
just doing the dishes and tried to respond to a group text too fast.
i learned my lesson: do not do dishes.
anyway, all my pics from our fun weekend last weekend are on my phone, so that post will have to wait.
36-48 hours, to be exact, because my phone is in a ziplock baggy with rice.

so onto bigger and better things.
i have an itch.
an itch to get all the little projects around my home FINISHED.
we moved in here in the fall of 2011.
i was 6 weeks pregnant and couldn't even lift my head from my pillow for several weeks due to disastrous morning sickness.
then i had cammie jane, and life was crazy.
so we've done as much as we can do, but there are little things here and there that just need to be finished.

like paint my antique piano white.
but scooter says a FIRM no.
i'm working on it. i am sure working on it.
please, someone, sneak into my house, and paint it for me, will you?

anyway, i have sure digressed from my itch.
all this to say, i joined pinterest.
mainly because i really enjoy the pintertest link up over at my close friend jessica's.
and could always use another outlet for finding healthy recipes.
i get really weird about pinterest, though.
because i feel like it is a place that can easily create a ruckus in my heart of comparison and discontentment.
and i like to be original. i don't want to take someone else's ideas all the time.
i like having my own creative spin on things in my home.
so i have been trying to be more careful this time around.
my goal is to be careful with my heart on there.
sounds silly, but i know myself, and how easy it is for me to get carried away.

but i have been pinning some things that make me itchy.
like an itch that i have is to find something unique for over my cabinets.

like wouldn't it be fun to make a cool word up there?
scott would never. but that's okay.

or put old wood slabs up there and hang stuff on them?

or making a word with fun letters like that. 
i even like the word LOVE like that.

i also want stripes on my master bedroom ceiling.
i am trying to convince scott.
bascially i need to email a link to this blog post to scott as soon as i post.

i sure did get this poster printed at kinkos yesterday.
have the perfect spot for it. 
can't wait to hang it.

this summer begs for DIY projects.
well, i guess i beg for DIY projects.
scott begs for cheap ones.
well, i guess scott doesn't beg for any projects.
in fact, he begs for peace & quiet.
but what can i say?
he always LOVES the end result!
right, scooter? RIGHT!
right? right???

here's to 48 more hours phoneless.
i am sorta enjoying it.


  1. hahaha.
    this post is making me laugh so hard.
    i think scooter is in for it.

    i need to know about this kinkos print you made. TME. tee. emm. eee.

    and that wooden board wall would look purr-fect behind your desk space. so i'm gonna go ahead and put in a request that scooter oblige you on that one.

    also. sometimes in my head i like to says scooter for scott, but i feel weird about it.
    this comment was a trial run on that.

    jury is out.

  2. you are right!
    I also like telling everyone that i thought up the idea and such. i love taking all the credit. when everyone knows that you are the brains of the operation and that i am the mere brute force that labors the items. kind of like in a war. you are the general and i am the infantry. But no matter how good the general, he is nothing without the good old boys of the 52nd fults infantry. So ha!

    1. nothing on my proposed projects, huh? like you won't give an inch?

  3. i think i'm like scott. peace and quiet, i love. : ) i seriously have zero interest in most diy's. am i even a female?? and why am i even on pinterest? lol. anyways, i do hope he gives a little because i would love to see YOUR diy projects!

  4. Cute!! I have a lot of projects in mind and my husband has (so far) put up with them. He always likes them afterwards...even if he doesn't like the work I need him to help me with. :)

  5. Dude, I am breaking into your house with white paint tonight. I'm on a plane. Shhhhhh

  6. Im not sure how to follow you but i love your blog!!! I love all those DIY projects. Esp the fourth one down! The colors are beautiful!

    Belle la vie

  7. The piano needs to be white.

  8. love your finds. so funny about your lesson learned. don't do the dishes.lol


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